Category: Week 3

Raise the Flag

“I want that want and I want it without distraction, all depth but not so much seriousness.” -Teresa


Truth must be surrounded by trials and colors, what is it without them?

To differentiate a need from a want has to come to it boiling point.

We have witnessed and experienced the grave dangers it can hold. Society can be good at distracting you and there is no lack of evidence. No war paint is needed, though it is encouraged. The slaughter of system is inevitable.   

It takes Time

“No meaning of mine is in your eyes.” -Lina


I was placed on a shelf, always being looked up to until you would stand up.

Always in arm’s reach but never actually being reached out to unless to put me back into place, after wandering off.

Standing in the shallow end of your heart I wondered what it would be/feel like to be able to swim to the deep, to kill that burning curiosity. To rid of all the memories of just watching from afar, most of them.


Patience paid off and the dust that covered the shelf was brushed away. I walked away with scratches but a rejuvenated will.  




“Day and nights start to run into one another, collapsing in on themselves after giving up on trying not to feel.” -Emma


Day graces the night through the finale of a sunset, while night surprises day with a misty dawn.

Both feel obliged to give without the intent of receiving a beautiful gift in return. Though their beauty is humble, ever so gratifying.


They take airplane rides together across many skies. Day always insists on having the window seat, night could care less as long as the overhead lights are kept off.
The two of them know they are in it together, might as well make it enjoyable. 



“The blue greens of the ocean are lost in her eyes.” -Berkeley.


With the sea spraying up mist from the crashing of waves I pondered the magnitude of particles that were contained in its force. The thought made me delirious and shake my head, trying to proceed to the next thought. I have been spacing out more than usual lately though it is not of big concern to me. In doing so I fall into a place that I’ve tried to tap into for years now.


May the currents sway my mind from idea to idea.

Searching for the right rhythm, the right vibration.

Life’s a Loop

“They say that those who do know history are doomed to repeat it.” -Tony


Repetitive motions caught amidst a deep seeded turmoil. Much of his life lived by this motto, and to this day it has yet to leave. With each step there was a hint of hesitation that was seen through the motion of his left leg. His head bobbed to a beat that no one will ever hear and if they did it wouldn’t click in their heads. He always had a job and worked his whole life though it never really worked for him. That’s what life is like when you are riding a rollercoaster while everyone else is playing on Teeter-Totters.