Life Falls From the Sky

“Female Rain” by Laura Tohe


When I was younger I would find such joy in riding my bike in the rain, and even though my mom didn’t like mopping up the mess I made when I returned home, she would always enjoy the smile on my face. Rain soothes me to sleep at night, provides the plants, trees and human beings with life. Water is life, and longevity lives between the connection. Through the mist one can unveil the secret behind the law of the land, intertwined with the beauty that surrounds.


Who is this, taping on my window in the middle of the night?

For it is the rain, that lives outside of time.  


  1. Hi Alessandro! Thank you for writing, and for the line I used in my blogpost(4/20). Looking forward to working with you to figure out what “she” is saying, and what you’re trying to say, too! – Lina

  2. I used your line “Rain soothes me to sleep at night” as a jumping off point. I love the phenomenon of falling asleep to the rain!

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