Power Loop┬áby Chloe Marina, “The stomach that I fight with to this day.”


Hyper vigilance is a bitch. A gut instinct that reacts to everything, or nothing. It makes enemies out of friends, because one friend turned out to be an enemy, a bad example.

Are you scanning with binoculars from a silent lighthouse, or pointing a rifle from a siren-blaring guard tower?

You fight yourself again. Even hair is triggered to run.

If a tower falls but no one is around to hear it because you wouldn’t let them, does it make a sound?

It’s hard to fight when you can’t find your arms. It’s hard to flee when you can’t find your legs.

But see, you can always find the ground, be it sense of smell or magnetic fields, like salmon finding their way home. Maybe it’s just gravity, but there is always a place to lie down and wait for it to pass.