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Anders art is an investigation into the ways we make meaning from the places around us. In his life and work, he seeks an intimate connection to the land through a process of exploration, documentation, and creation. His theory and practice are informed by the history of cartography, and the ways in which we make and use maps today. He finds solitude and inspiration in the rocky shores of the Salish Sea, the dense moss-covered woods of the south Puget Sound, and the windswept peaks of the Pacific Northwest, a region he has come to know as home. Weaving memories, history, and myth together, he creates hand drawn maps that encourage viewers to look closer, discover, and call out, “I am here.” These large scale black and white works act as a bridge between people and their environment, spreading ecological consciousness and bringing people closer to the places they inhabit.

Anders’ sculptural work incorporates moss, wood, shells, stones and minerals in small scale installations that encourage us to encounter something wild, to carry that feeling with us inside where we often forget about what’s outside. His photography calls attention to the ways landscapes have been altered by human use, but also how our relation to them has changed. Spending most of his childhood exploring the woods and beaches of Fidalgo Island, his artistic work stems from a deep love of the natural world and an interest in local knowledge, which he hopes to spread to others through his creations. Looking out of plane windows, viewing satellite imagery and maps, hiking, and climbing trees are all ways he gains unique perspectives to interact with the earth. Ultimately he strives to play an important role in changing the way we perceive our relation to the world we live in.

Anders is currently studying studio art at The Evergreen State College in Olympia where he continues to develop his practice by working in the studio, experimenting with materials and themes, and collaborating with others.

Anders at the Anacortes Farmers Market in 2013 Photo Credit: Nik Massey

Anders at the Anacortes Farmers Market in 2013 Photo Credit: Nik Massey


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  1. Hi,
    I am wondering if it is possible to purchase a print of your Fidalgo Island Map.
    It is amazing. Please let me know if it is for sale anywhere or if I can purchase one from you directly. Thank you,

    Laura Sullivan

    • I will be in Anacortes selling maps on November 22-23 at the Anacortes Holiday Farmers Market located in the Port Warehouse from morning until afternoon. Thanks!

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