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“Blasian Narratives is a multi-media project that intimately explores the intersection and identities of mixed race Black & Asian individuals through live performances and film. The project began as a collaboration between Morehouse and Spelman College students documenting and exploring the identity formations of individuals with mixed Afro-Asian heritage, colloquially known as “Blasians.” The grassroots project aims to bring historically polarized communities together by illustrating the complexities and unity of identity awareness–how you see yourself vs how you are seen–in hopes of building solidarity along the way. The cast and crew now includes students from Stanford, NYU, and more.”

This video series serves as an important reminder that no two mix race experiences are the same, especially when using umbrella terms such as “Asian” to embody complexed identities.  The narratives provoke viewers to confront perhaps their own myths/bias about bi/multi racial people.  One specific poem I found myself attached to, focused on feeling as if you are “enough” and how that feeling is tied to familial validation.  While another story spoke on being “multi-ethic,” the author’s honestly brought to light the efforts kids of color make to connect to their own cultures the best they can, which is usually in the form of pop-culture (anywhere from hip hop to Naruto.)