Paper: The Finger and the Moon

The film we watched on Monday “Birth of the Dragon”, unfortunately, was my first time watching a movie about Bruce Lee.

I just hadn’t gotten around to the kung fu movie genre, I don’t have any real reason, but I wish I had seen something more than “Kung Fu Panda”, “The Adventures of Jackie Chan”, “The Karate Kid” (old and new) and “The Matrix” as far as martial arts type media goes. If I wanted to really stretch it I would put down “Star Wars” because the lightsaber forms are based on a mix of different Japanese swordsmanship techniques.

I’ve taken judo and have learn bits and pieces from a classmate in high school about kendo, so not just anime and manga, but as for martial arts movies, yeah, the new “The Karate Kid” is as close as it comes for me…

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Scissors: Random Ramune Ramblings

Well, not really sure what to put here. I know for break I want to do something less research intensive for my blog posts, so I have that energy for finishing my project. I’m extremely grateful I found a natural stopping point and the areas to edit down for flow. I’m also glad I wrote too much to start with so I could see everything laid out and then take out what wasn’t needed. Blogging helped too, I’ll probably use blogging as writing tool in the future.

I guess since I wanted my project to have a multimedia component, I’ll start to use this section to pull that in.

This video of the upcoming 2018 anime is a prime example of how anime is in the same cycle of franchise dependence, instead of creating original works (but yes I am excited for sequels, like FLCL and Shield Hero anime – which used to be only a light novel with a manga companion about two years ago,so very new as a franchise – but I still would like new anime started as anime, not manga or light novels too):

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