Talking Points: Seventeen Syllables

  1. I like the focus on the experience of Japanese American Women. Their intersectional identity can make their struggle uniquely invisible. But based on the reading last week women’s issues are really important to discuss with Asian American issues.
  2. I’ve never felt an intense urge to gamble all my money away. So when I read stories about men gambling their families money away it’s really difficult to empathize with the men at all. What’s going through their heads?
  3. What was it like for people with mental health issues in the camps? The story Miss Sassagawara makes her being sent away for treatment sound like a good thing but I feel I rarely read stories where that is the case especially at that time and in such a racialized period specifically.
  4. I’m not one who usually thinks ill of marriage as an institution. But the reading material in this class makes me feel like it is almost never a good idea to get married and have kids.

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