Outline and shifting proposal.

I think I’m going to make a zine; Call it something like “Race War: Racism and Hypocrisy in WW2 Comics.” everyone will get a copy.

Obviously the entirety of this zine will be posted on my blog, (and in color on my blog) but I like the complete object of a booklet, and thinking of composing in discreet pages as opposed to an infinite scroll is more creatively stimulating for me.

So the Current plan is something like:

  • Ch 1: The Octopus
    1. Image result for racist ww2 comics octopus
    2. Talking about the history of the octopus as a symbol of hegemonic fear and as a racial fear as discussed in “Yellow Peril” and connect it to the fear of an Asian planet. The same symbols used to criticize monopoly were mobilized to stoke fear of Chinese people taking over the world and then mobilized to a fear of Japanese taking over the world.
    3. show images of octopuses in comics (very common) Image result for anti japanese comic
  • Ch 2: Phrenology
    1. the paper “this is our enemy” talks about the duo message that american propaganda comics pushed. Talking about America’s racial harmony while also portraying Japanese people as racially defective. i want to connect this view of racial dysfunction to the racist “science” of Phrenology discussed in war without mercy and yellow peril.
    2. Carl Linnaeus “five categories of homo sapiens”
    3. Image result for anti japanese comic
    4. Image result for propaganda comic japan
  • Ch 3: comics as propoganda
    1. Image result for anti japanese comic
    2. some of the history of why comics as propaganda?
    3. hypocrisy  of intentions “we don’t have propaganda”
    4. “comics and conflict” and “this is our enemy”
  • Ch 4: Well they we’re more evil right?
    1. War without mercy talks about the Japanese viewing themselves as liberating Asia from colonialism.
    2. Norakuro japanese propaganda comic translated in Kramer’s Ergo 6. show’s the japanese army as liberating asia from the “pigs” after which the different animals can live together under the watchful grace of the japanese
    3. War without mercy points out all the way’s that we embody all the bad things we said about the japanese MacArthur’s “fight to the last man,” the american concentration camps, american racism, american war crimes.

2 thoughts on “Outline and shifting proposal.”

  1. What a fabulous idea to make a zine! I find it an interesting concept of having a zine discussing the issues of other zines. Can’t wait to see it!

  2. You have such an interesting topic! I would love to learn more about how the fear of Asians taking over the country might have influenced how they were portrayed in comics and films.

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