Filipinx America: Final Thoughts

I don’t think I really understood the magnitude of Filipinx peoples cultural impact of the united states (specifically the west coast and Washington!) until this week.

Even though each week I learn a lot about the role different APIA group played in the cultural history of the United States, it seems to me that a lot (not enough) of Chinese American and Japanese American contributions are visible in our pop culture through Kung Fu movies, Chinese Restaurants, Akira Kurosawa films, and sushi restaurants.

But learning that Washington state has an important history of Filipinx immigration really blew my mind. I’m really happy that I chose Filinix America to report on. I really feel as though I’ve become able to see something that was in plain sight but I had inadvertently ignored.

The role Pinoy’s had in shaping Boxing, Seattle, and Comics is immeasurable. And the history of Philippines as a nation, and a geography of peoples is tragic and inspiring in itself, as well as enlightening of the imperialistic tyranny of the United States.


(and Peter Bacho is awesome)

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