Birds of Evergreen

A guide to the avifauna of the campus core, forest, and beach



Black-bellied Plover

Order: Charadriiformes Family: Charadriidae Genus: Pluvialis Species: Pluvialis squatarola Introduction The Black-bellied Plover is a plump, medium sized shorebird with a lurching gait and healthy appetite for polychaete worms. It commonly haunts the intertidal mudflats ranging the globe with little discrimination among temperate or… Continue Reading →


Order: Charadrifformes Family: Scolopicidae Genus: Calidris Species: C. alpina               Dunlins are small shore birds with even smaller legs compared to their bodies. The Dunlin has two different plumages depending on the time of the… Continue Reading →

Glaucous-winged Gull

  Originally posted by: Caitlin McIntyre 2012 Edited and enhanced by: Riley Hendron 2014 Order: Charadriiformes Family: Laridae Genus: Larus Species: Larus glaucescens   Introduction  The Glaucous-winged gull is a large gull so named because of its uniquely colored gray wingtips,… Continue Reading →

Greater Yellowlegs

      ORDER: Charadriiformes FAMILY: Scolopacidae GENUS: Tringa SPECIES: Tringa melanoleuca Introduction The Greater Yellowlegs is a shorebird located in almost all parts of North and South America, during various seasons.  Tringa melanoleuca is a relatively slender bird with a long neck and… Continue Reading →


Order: Charadriiformes Family: Charadriidae Genus: Charadrius Species: Charadrius vociferus Introduction Killdeer are named after their unique and unmistakable call that reiterates it’s name. With a two foot wingspan, they are the largest species of ringed plover found in North America… Continue Reading →

Mew Gull

Introduction Order: Charadriiformes Family: Laridae Genus: Larus Species: Larus canus The Mew Gull formerly known, and still sometimes classified as the Short-billed Gull, is the smallest of the “white headed gulls” measuring a length of only 41-46 cm and weighing 360… Continue Reading →

Pigeon guillemot

Pigeon guillemot Order:Charadriiformes Family:Alcidae Genus:Cepphus Species:Cepphus columba Introduction The pigeon guillemot, Cepphus columba (pronounced, SEP-fus) is a seabird in the Alcidae family which includes auklets, puffins, murres, murrelets, and guillemots and referred to as alcids or auks. Members of the… Continue Reading →

Ring-billed Gull

  Order: Charadriiformes Family: Laridae Genus: Larus Species: Larus delawarensis Introduction   The Ring-billed Gull is a charismatic bird with a very distinctive call and bold markings.Ring-billed Gulls are most identifiable from other members of the Laridae family by the black ring… Continue Reading →

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