History of Tea

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j. Werkhoven Tea Processing
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The word tea comes from the Chinese local amoy dialect word t’e pronounced tay. ·      Cantonese – ch’a “chah”>Japan, india, Persia, and Russia.

The Dutch brought the form t’e to Europe

The use of tea as a beverage ·      Origin in mythology and antiquity and is known for 2000 to 3000 years.

·      Legendary Chinese emperoer hen Nung discovered the stimulating effects around 2700 B.C

·      7th century tea had become a national drink in china> brought to japan by Buddhist monks at the beginning of the 8th century

·      The Mongols started a caravan trade in tea bricks from china to central Asia and beyond Siberia

·      First tea reached Aras in 850, The venetians 1559, English 1598 and Portuguese in 1600,

·      The Dutch brought the first tea to Europe around 1610

·      Russia in 1618

·      Paris 1648

·      America middle of the 17th century

·      Commercial tea reached Eastern Europe after 1650-drinking coffee was already established

·      Tea consumption began to develop rapidly in the 19th century


Forney, j. Tea Processing. Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations Rome, 1974.

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