Project Description

This project is an exploration of children’s domestic space.  It involves a psychological study of child development, a historical study of the evolution of child spaces, and examination of design considerations to contemplate while preparing children’s spaces, and the effect of domestic space on the child.  Along with this study, the project involves documenting through photography.

The study’s focus is on psychology, particularly children’s developmental psychology involving research, essays and photographing children’s developmental spaces within the home.  Written reports coupled with photography assignments will bring together image and text to be published on a WordPress site.  Photographing families in their space using varied photography techniques and film will push the researchers comfort zone.

The project will take the form of visual arts and academic research by studying and writing research papers on various child developmental studies, paired with photography.  By doing this I will be enhancing my knowledge of psychology by exploring a field that I have not studied before, while diving into new territory in the field of photography.  These two mediums will create a fluid body of work using images and research.

In the end I would like to have a polished presentation of everything that I have studied, bringing the photographs and research into one fluid project.  For evaluation, I will have an organized and holistically combined product of image and developmental research that represents the quarters work.

The study will be informed by the following resources:

i.“Planning Environments for Young Children Physical Space”
Sybil Kritchevsky and Elizabeth Prescott with Lee Walling
Published 1969

A book on the basics of setting up children’s spaces during and after school.

ii. “Century of the Child: Growing by Design, 1900-2000
Tanya Harrod, Medea Hock and Juliet Kinchin.
Published August 31, 2012

Written for the “Century of the Child” MOMA exhibit, this book explores 100 years of development in children’s rights, their space, designs for children, children development, etc.

iii.The Philosophical Baby”
Dr. Alison Gopnik, Professor of Psychology
Published August 4, 2009

Professor Alison Gopnik’s book The Philosophical Baby combines science with philosophy as she dives into babies minds.  This book will give insight on childhood development, while getting philosophical inspiration for my photography in the lives of children.


iv. “Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs”
Ellen Galinsky
Published April 20, 2010

Ellen Galinsky has written this book after studying children, and the way they learn.  She points out 7 skills that we should be teaching our child.  This book will give insight to this research on children’s learning, and how it can be applied to domestic space.

v. “In My World: Designing Living & Learning Environments for the Young”
Ro Logrippo
Published September 29, 1995

This book focuses on creating child spaces for development with the advice of psychologists, teachers, physicians and interior designers.  It even addresses creating spaces for children with spceial needs.

vi.“You Are Your Child’s First Teacher: Encouraging Your Childs Development From Birth to Age 6”
Rahima Baldwin Dancy
Published August 14, 2012

Written by a Waldorf Educator, Rahima Dancy covers child development during the first six years.  Focusing on natural development, and avoiding common over stimulation.