Umatilla Saddle Field Notes

  • There’s sagebrush here, and some small strangely pink-white flowers. Occasional grasses spring up.
  • Small tan rocks around that don’t seem to belong, they almost look like quartz.
  • There are flies up here, as well as ants and the occasional bee. Passed a small snake on the way up, as well as several large black beetles. I hear hooting, so there must be owls around too.¬†The gnats can’t handle it up here it seems.
  • Lichen covers the north face but not the south.

Sitting on a large basalt stone on the saddle. In front and behind the saddle the basalt wall rises, ¬†Small vertical rifts cut into the north side, forming alcoves and caves. The south side is much steeper than the north. The dirt isn’t really dirt, it’s just pebbles of varying saddles with a light brown coat.

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