Images provided here were taken using the spring 2002 model of the CID inc. CI-600. The CI-600 is a scanner based technology which takes large images (21.59 x 19.56 cm) of the root-soil interface in 6.99 cm diam. acrylic tubes buried in the soil up to 1-meter deep. For more information please see

All images were taken at approx 15 cm depth at an angle of 36 degrees. The thumbnails show the top on the left and bottom on the right, but in reality these images would be angles at 36 degrees from the horizontal. The images the thumbnails are linked to will also be laying sideways with the top of the image to the observer’s left. All images were taken at 200 dpi approx. 5.5 months after tube installation (early October 2003). The scanner scans up to 1200 dpi, but generally 600 dpi is the highest practical resolution.

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