In this internship the student shall work for a winery that will allow them to learn about making Pinot Noir while being biodynamic. Pinot Noir is a French wine from the region of Burgundy. Being biodynamic means that the farm is organic but follows the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. The student will read two books, one of them will have to do with Pinot Noir and the other will be a collection of Rudolf Steiner lectures. The student will be working 40-50 hours except for the busiest part of the harvest which they will work up to 80-90 hours a week. They will be living at the winemakers house in Oregon and will spend 7 days a week working there. The goals for the student will be to learn how the wine making and the harvesting processes are completed. The first couple weeks will be mostly focusing on sorting the fruit and putting them into tanks, after that the student will be helping ferment the grapes into wine.

Learning Objectives Activities that will help me to attain this objective What my sponsor will evaluate
I want to learn how a biodynamic vineyard differs from an organic vineyard. Biodynamic is a more esoteric version of organic farming that was first created by Rudolf Steiner. I have worked in an organic vineyard and Beaux Freres is biodynamic. So I will compare how the two farms will do things differently. My sponsor will evaluate the quality of a 3-4 page paper that I will write about how the two differ. I will write this paper after I have completed the harvest.
I want to know how to make world class Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is an important French wine grape from Burgundy which is located in east-central France. For the world class part of this objective, the winery I will be working at is well respected and has received a lot of critical acclaim. Beaux Freres makes world class Pinot noir so I will learn by working in the cellar and the field. My sponsor will evaluate my hours in the field by looking at my time card and then in a decade she will be able to evaluate the wine.
I want to learn how to keep well organized records of my work through an ePortfolio. An ePortfolio is a website that I will create and keep updated. I will keep an ePortfolio, which is in the form a blog. I will update it once a week using the template from Sarah Williams’ SOS. I will post pictures onto my ePortfolio along with written explanations what I have been doing. My ePortfolio will include the approved ILC (with personal info redacted) as well as a log of hours, scholarly resources, a photo gallery and/or instagram feed, a weekly post describing my activities and learning, and comprehensive mid-quarter and final self-evaluations. My sponsor will look at the website and make sure that I have been keeping everything up to date.
I will improve my writing abilities, knowledge of Pinot Noir production and the practices of biodynamics. I will read two books. The first is: What Is Biodynamics which is a collection of Rudolf Steiner lectures. The second is: Terrior by James E. Wilson. The first book will give me information on biodynamics while the second will let me know about the geology, climate and culture in the making of french wines. My sponsor will evaluate the quality of two papers that I will complete. My papers will be 3-5 pages long and I will write one for each of the books.