NOVIC Daughter Trial: Tomatoes

Evaluating Disease Resistance, Productivity, and Flavor of Tomatoes in the PNW

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Slow, Oven-Roasted Plum Tomatoes

I’ve already posted about the lacto-fermented salsa that I made with many of the slicing varieties of tomatoes. Truthfully, I will can/sauce/preserve pretty much any type of tomato. Slicing tomatoes are juicier and seedier than the plum/paste type, so the… Continue Reading →

Variety J: OSU LB8-7

This determinate, red, plum type tomato is an experimental hybrid from Oregon State University bred for late blight resistance. It has a complicated pedigree including an old variety (Legend), a different OSU breeding line, a former Cornell breeding line, and… Continue Reading →

Variety I: Plum Regal

Plum Regal is a hybrid, determinate, red, plum type tomato. The seed we are using comes from Bejo Seeds. Plum Regal’s reputation is a high-yielding, disease-resistant processing tomato with good flavor. The disease resistance package is said to include Fusarium… Continue Reading →

Variety C: Stellar

A medium-sized, determinate, red, slicing tomato carried by PanAmerican Seed, who describes this F1 hybrid as “the perfect slicer for areas with high disease pressure.” The company lists Stellar to have high resistance to Fusarium race 2, late blight, and… Continue Reading →

Variety B: OSU S200

OSU S200 is an experimental breeding line hybrid from Oregon State University. It is a determinate, red, slicing tomato that has reportedly shown good resistance to late blight. The background of this experimental line includes a former OSU breeding experiment… Continue Reading →

Variety K: Mountain Merit

Mountain Merit is a determinate, large, red, slicing tomato from Bejo Seeds. This hybrid variety is a former All-American Selections winner for its “complete package of disease resistance, productivity, and flavor” (Territorial Seed). The disease resistance package reportedly includes strong resistance… Continue Reading →

Variety E: Estate

Estate is another newly released variety from Wild Garden Seed and bred by Frank Morton. It is also pledged to the Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI). Like Home Stoop (variety A), Estate developed from a cross of Stupice, Homestead, and… Continue Reading →

Variety D: Matina

Matina Sweet is a potato leaf, indeterminate, red, salad tomato carried by Uprising Seeds (among others). Listed as one of Amy Goldman’s “100 Heirloom Tomatoes for the American Garden,” Matina originates in Germany. Matina’s highlight is how early it started… Continue Reading →

Variety H: Crimson Sprinter

Crimson Sprinter is a medium, red, slicing tomato on semi-determinate vines. This old school gem was bred by Dr. T. Graham in Guelph, Ontario at the Ontario Agricultural College. Reportedly, the Sprinter in its name is refers to speed skaters… Continue Reading →

Variety F: Plum Perfect

Plum Perfect is a hybrid variety bred by Cornell University. As of my knowledge, Cornell is still looking for a company to license and sell this disease resistant variety. Plum Perfect is reportedly quite productive, and meaty. I also have… Continue Reading →

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