Dylan Fischer, Ph.D., Forest Ecosystem Ecology, The Evergreen State College



Dylan G. Fischer, Ph.D.

Faculty in Forest Ecosystem Ecology

B.S. Environmental Science (Botany), Oregon State University, 1998

M.S. Forestry (Tree Physiology), Northern Arizona University, 2001

Ph.D. Forest Science (Ecosystem Science), Northern Arizona University, 2005

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I have been a faculty member at The Evergreen State College since 2005. My research in ecosystem ecology uses a diverse suite of methods to address linkages between plant diversity and ecosystem function. I focus on riparian forest ecology, soil carbon, nutrient cycling, root dynamics, tree physiology, and forest carbon cycling.  Please feel free to contact me with interest in my research.

  • I have been especially interested in linkages between tree molecular genetics and ecosystem ecology of riparian forests in the West, and Southwest (USA; see links to the cottonwood system at our lab page). 
  • My work with tree roots has taken me belowground using underground camera technology.
  • I work extensively with issues related to forest carbon balance.
  • Check out the Evergreen Field and Ecosystem Ecology Lab page with links to more research from my lab. I also manage the Evergreen Ecological Observation Network (a network of ecosystem measurement plots in the Evergreen campus forest reserve- EEON).
  • Most recently, our lab has assumed responsibility for measurement of long-term plots examining forest understory plant recovery following the eruption of Mount St. Helens. in 1980.  

My teaching allows me to work in an even broader array of ecosystems because my classes often focus on conducting field studies and hands-on ecological science. Recent remote field sites I have worked in include the Skokomish River (WA), Mount Saint Helens (WA), Cibola National Wildlife Refuge (AZ), Grand Canyon (AZ), The Sinlahekin Valley (WA), the Metolius River (OR), and the prairies of the southern Puget Sound lowlands (WA). Some recent classes I’ve taught include Temperate Rainforests: BiogeochemistryField Ecology, Trees, Plant ecology and Physiology, Water in the West: History and Ecology, Field and Laboratory Biology in Southwestern Ecosystems, The Olympic Peninsula, Genes to Ecosystems, Introduction to Environmental Studies, Temperate Rainforests, Plant Ecology and Physiology, and Field Ecology

Contact me for more information! e-mail:   fischerd@evergreen.edu Phone: 360 867 6509