The Geoduck Student Union

Student Government at The Evergreen State College

Meeting Minutes 02.11.2015

Absent: Raven, Anne, Miriam, Linkon, Alex



Chair: Mac


Public Comments:


Tom- The GSU is invited to a dinner with congressional members on February 23rd.


Tom would also like clarification on when the ballot is no longer touchable. He would like to give the election commissioners enough time to upload the ballot. The GSU will  discuss this matter when the ballot language will be finalized later in the meeting.


Approve Minutes: Approved


Approve Agenda/New Business


Check In’s


Nick: start initiative to amend the constitution where every motion or proposed vote would be decided by the whole student body.


Major changes of the GSU must go through the Attorney General.

Tom advised the GSU that this amendment would not have to go through the Attorney General.


Fliers, advertisements for civic engagement are ready to be posted


Nick will be filming the video at 3:30


Evelyn is working on inviting two state senators for week 8. This is in regard of a senate bill that will address SV on college campuses.


Approve Agenda: Approve


Tacoma Representative Bill


conversation from Tacoma meeting


The Tacoma program only consists of junior and senior students.


Some GSU members suggested in in saving one seat for the fall election, and allow a junior to come into office. Then, the other seat would be elected in the spring election.


Moved to amend the constitution amendment proposal to say to highly recommend  junior tacoma students to run in the fall election.


Tom mentioned that  three years ago, there were 4 Tacoma representatives on the GSU. There was only one Tacoma representative this year, because only one student ran.


The GSU observed that they need to advertise and do more outreach to the Tacoma/Reservation representative positions.


It there are two official seats in Tacoma and Reservation based programs, then students will have two votes in fall and spring elections.


All non-olympia students must be elected by week 9 of spring quarter.

The GSU can sky  with non-olympia representatives. However, past GSU has had a difficult time skyping with other members.


Amend Proposal Referendum Questions

All non-olympia representatives must be elected.

Proposed Change to the GSU Bylaws:


Section 1: A new article, Article 4: Amendments to the Constitution, be added to the New Election & Voting Policy.


Section 2: The aforementioned article shall read: All proposed Amendments to the Constitution must be approved for the Winter Ballot by Week Five (5) of Winter Quarter, and all language must be finalized by Week Six (6) of Winter Quarter.


Both sections have been motioned by the GSU.


The GSU moved to finalized the language of ballot by week 7 to turn into the election commissioner. It was motioned.


Move to amend our bylaws as written: motioned


Move to amend for the GSU to chose the order of initiatives of the ballot by week 7.


Move to amend the proposed constitution amendment, regarding the extra non-olympia representatives to say that the second Tacoma and Grayse Harbor seats will be saved for the fall elections, preferably to junior students (nominated)


Matt Newman: what is the practical implication of this motion?

This motion will offer clarity in fall election for future GSU groups and promote non-olympia GSU seats.

Future Project:  clarifying the New Elections and Policy (next week)


Finalized Ballot Language


Molly wrote the ballot language for the WashPIRG fee: approved


CRC Ballot LAnguage: approved


Tacoma Rep Language: approved


Advisory Question: moved to table until next week


Tyler moved to approve the advisory question as it stands.


Tom would like a clarification on why the GSU feels like they feel restricted by the budget of S&A.


motion to add “define what an advisory vote is.” (motioned)


Motion to move the question to the top of the page.


Proposed Referendum Questions, Winter 2015

  1. Do you support the following amendment to the GSU Constitution on the number of Representatives in the Union?


Article V willbe amended to read: 17 representative seats will be reserved for undergraduate students from the Olympia campus. Two representative seats are reserved for students from the Tacoma Program, one seat is reserved for students from the Grays Harbor program, and one seat is reserved for students from the Reservation-Based Campuses. The second seat of the Tacoma Program will be reserved for a Fall Election, modeled after the Fall Election held on the Olympia campus. All non-Olympia representatives must be elected by Week Nine (9) of Spring Quarter. . Two representative seats will be reserved for first year students, and two representative seats will be reserved for transfer students who wish to join in winter quarter. Elections for both will be held by referendum Week Eight (8) of Fall Quarter.


2.       The Gwideq Student Union (GSU), the student government of The Evergreen State College, currently operates on funding awarded by the S&A Board. The equivalent each student pays the GSU for its operation is (as of Winter Quarter 2015) approximately $2.90/quarter. Currently, the GSU is restricted by the S&A Board on what their current  funding can be spent on.


Would you support the GSU establishing an independent, opt-out student fee for the GSU’s operations, managed by its Representatives?

Matt Newman suggested to post the question and then the information following for each ballot initiative.


Motion to approve the CRC language as it is (approve)


Nick’s CPJ Article


The article can be viewed by the public on thursday.


Editorial by Nick


Talk to Nick if you have any opinions regarding this article.


At the meeting, a few GSU members expressed frustration on how the GSU was viewed in this article.


There was a debate on that fact that some GSU members work tirelessly and would like to have a stipend that would reflect hard-work.

Meeting Minutes 02.04.2015

Absent: Petal,Miriam,


Chair: Anne Belson

  • Public Comments:

    Water Watch in Olympia Victoria Field

  • National Non-profit

  • She would like to get in touch in Sarah and GSU members regarding lobbying training next week

  • Water Watch is promoting the stop of over use of antibiotics in factory farms.

  • The 2013 Center for disease control reported that people were contracting anti-biotic resistant diseases.

  • Water watch is supporting city resolutions, federal legislation that support this issue.

  • There is a preservations and anti-biotic in medical treatment act that is being developed in the legislative.

  • Seattle has already passed the resolution

  • The GSU endorsed this matter.

     Concerns with WashPIRG-Branden Ebert

  • Renewal for the WashPRIG conflict

  • questioned why there is a WashPRIG member on the GSU

  • There was a concern of conflict of interest between WashPRIG and GSU.
  •  The GSU specified that any student can run for the GSU and that there is no rule against students who are apart of certain organizations.
  • Molly turned in 508 signatures to the GSU. WashPIRG will be placed on the winter ballot.

    Approve Minutes: Approved

    Approve Agenda: Approved

  • In the future, a section dedicated to listing student suggestion will be added to the agenda.

  • Student suggestions will be placed in the GSU office.

Tacoma Check-In-Tacoma

  • Tacoma S&A approved the funds

  • Create time to allow for public comments and speak to the Tacoma S&A board on Tuesday.

    Attitudes and Tensions within the GSU

  • GSU member expressed being uncomfortable on monday’s meeting and on face book

  • Some of the GSU acknowledge that the tension within the GSU has set a personal tole on GSU members.

  • GSU members will focus on using the face book group with a more professional tone.

    Discussion of Student Education Investment Initiative and Vote

  • Nick Wooten is willing to organize a petition for the Student Education Investment Initiative fee.

  • There will be 14 weeks to work with other collaborators to further develop the initiative.

  • Nick Wooten would still like to hear from the GSU in regards of the student vote conflict within the administration.

  • GSU members expressed if the CRC will be on ballot, then the initiative should also be listed.

  • Nick Wooten proposed to collect signatures until the spring and placed it on the ballot on next year.

  • The GSU motioned that if enough signatures were obtained by spring quarter, then the initiative will be placed on next year’s winter ballot.

    Tacoma/Gray’s Harbor/Reservation-Based Representation Amendment

  • Tyler wrote a draft that described the addition of GSU positions to Tacoma and Reservation positions.

  • It would cut down first-year students positions.

  • Some members mentioned the need advertise graduate student positions for the GSU.

  •  A member suggested to have elections ending at the end of week 9. Therefore, entire group could review votes.

  •  If specially reserved seats for non-olympia campus seats are unfilled, then one seat from each non-olympia campus can be filled by a olympia-campus student.

  •  Another member proposed to reserved the level of GSU members steady and add extra non-olympia positions.

  • A GSU member motioned to amend the bill that would add 1 reservation to Gray’s harbor programs, tacoma campus, and two reserve seats to be voted for in fall term for transfer students to the olympia campus. (nominated)

    CRC Renovation Initiative and Vote

  • A few GSU members spoke with students, and they seemed to be hesitant to vote for the renovation.

  •  Other members debated that it be up to the student body to decide.

  • There was motion to vote for the CRC Renovation Initiative to be placed onto 2015winter ballot (nominated)

  • Vote Breakdown

12 passed

3 no

1 abstained

Information in the proposal will be public to the student body.

GSU Finalization Fee-Tyler

  • The GSU is the student government and represents all students.

  • Many member expressed that there has not been enough student outreach.

  • Would you support?and hy?engage how students feel about this fee.

  • The fee would allow the GSU to be a financially independent governing body.

  • There are differencing opinions on opt-out fees

  • There was a discussion that if the fee was approved by the student body, then it would be a permanent fee without an opt-out option.

  • It is poor time as it might conflict with the other suggested fees (CRC, Student Education Investment Fee).

  • Motion to table the vote of the fee to the spring quarter vote (does not pass)

  • Move to vote to add the amended advisory vote to the winter ballot 2015 (pass)


Meeting Minutes 02.02.2015


Absent: Evelyn,Petal, Miriam, Mac, Brenden


Tacoma Drivers


Need three drivers


Misha, Molly, Andrew, Anne, Nick

fill out online quiz



Check in on Wednesday


CRC Check in’s

CRC ballot language was sent to the gsurep account


Discussed tiered options at the steering committee

ultimately chose not to have those options ($10 is the lowest amount to charge in able to obtain student desires for the CRC that came up in student surveys)

Steve Trotter will be able to answer questions

Few members have expressed that there are still many questions that need to be answered

still an unfinished project


Is the CRC ready to propose a fee to students?


Some members point out that regardless of how the GSU feels about the fee,  it is up to the student body to decide.


Temperature check: Each GSU member went around and expressed their opinion regarding the current status of the  CRC renovation.


Many members do not feel comfortable putting up the CRC renovation on the ballot.

Questions unanswered

What is happening with the lifetime membership?

Where is the fee going towards?

What will the design look like?


Nick Wooten-Student Education Funding Initiative


Many members felt that it was a well written initiative. However, there seems to be very little follow through. This is a tuition increase.

Adding fees to students may be difficult in the face of increasing tuition.


Tuition should be able to cover these fees.

Do we want to go to the student body and raise their tuition?


Could counterbalance the lack of state funding.


CRC Renovation Proposal


If the vote is successful, CRC will go to another selection process for a design firm

committees will be primarily students.


GSU gave feedback of encouraging the steering committee to be more transparent about the changes in the renovation on the language of the ballot. Also, encourage students to be apart of the changing process of the CRC.



The GSU expressed concern about the lack of specifics, what will students be voting for?


Education plan for the three week process before the ballot

fliers, green screen, kiosk, web page, attend academic programs, open houses at the CRC and health and counseling centers, student groups


21 millions dollars over twenty years

with basic upgrade infrastructure: 10 million , come from the state

minor works preservation: projects up to 2 million


Built in student veto?


Ensure students voice throughout this project

vote on wednesday

edited the rough draft proposal


add gender inclusive needs

high student participation from the design phase and so on

what will students receive in the future?



acknowledge that this is a changing process


Tacoma Representatives


Constitutional Amendment to Add Tacoma Reps


Tyler did an analysis of 1:180 ratio to students

Adding one more Tacoma rep to the GSU body


Grayce Harbor and Reservations: consider adding a representative


Amendment that would raise to the total amount of reservation based/Tacoma to two GSU representatives


discussion on adding a transfer student representative to the GSU

continue to work on this matter in the spring


Tyler will write a paragraph in the constitution that would describe adding an extra representative position to Tacoma, Grayce Harbor, and reservations

bring in on Wednesday


Tyler will discuss with Steve Trotter of potentially having a student government, separate from S&A


Opt-out fee, cap at $9 per quarter


only apply to Olympia campus, will not affect S&A in Tacoma


It gives the GSU more accountability, make a simple opt-out process,


The GSU is more than a basic student group


will students vote for this fee?

An opt-out fee would make the GSU more vulnerable



Meeting Minutes 01.28.2015

Absent: Omar, Anne Belson


Chair: Andrew

Approved Minutes: Approved

Approved Agenda: Approved

Nick Wooten mentioned the Equitable Program Fee Initiative.

Should this initiative be put on the ballot and broaden this conversation to the student body?

There will be a full discussion regarding this matter next week.

Check in

Tyler is currently working on the budget proposal

The GSU is waiting for a response about the possibility of have an independent service fee for GSU. The GSU would then be independent from S&A.

If anyone has suggestions for the budget proposal, get in touch with Tyler Bieber

Evelyn found another bar for the GSU’s pub crawl.

The event will either be on the 20th or 21st.

Jeff confirmed that Olympia state legislature will be here for the legislative forum.

Two state reps will be present

Nick reminded everyone that the camera proficiency test will be on Tuesday the third at 1:30 PM.

He will outreach other student groups.

Public Comments

Five students came to the meeting with testimony’s regarding their experiences with an on-campus policeman.

These students explained how each individually felt harassed from an on-campus policeman.

It is important to document these incidents and contact Katie Jones from Police Services.

Students can also schedule a meeting with her.

The GSU tabled internal discussion to allow presenters time to present their material.


WashPIRG had a board meeting last week

WashPIRG budget is public information

There are three branches of the organization with separate budgets.

WashPIRG reviewed their student budget.

75% of WashPIRG’s student funding came from the Evergreen State College. 25% came from the University of Washington.

Evergreen pays more because University of Washington has an opt-in fee, rather than an opt-out fee.

Budget will go public online

WashPIRG collected 508 student signatures. That is 11.8% of the student body. Because it is more than 10% of the student vote, WashPIRG will be placed on the ballot this winter term.

GSU motioned to endorsed WashPIRG fee on the ballot (Passed)

Brad Euburt vocalized the need for accountability and transparency from WashPIRG.


Organizing Director

Julieanne gave GSU an update from WSA

WSA is working on increasing higher education funding and striving and to make college tuition more affordable.

There has been discussion about lowering the student work benchmark from 52 to 20 hours a week during the school year. This would be the benchmark for students that would be expected to pay for tuition.

WSA has also been working on voter access for young voters.

Promoting motor voter preregistration, this is where 16 or 17 year olds can register to vote. Once they turned 18, they will automatically be allowed to vote.

Also, moving the voter registration deadlines


The next WSA board meeting will be on the 31st, at The Evergreen State College, CAB 301.

The next two meetings are on February 14th and March 7th. Both meetings will be at the capitol.

WSA are organizing day of actions.

There will be days of action around college affordability on February 25th and April 8th.

On March 4th, there will be a day of advocacy around ending campus sexual violence.


CRC-Matt Newman

There was a discussion about offering different tiers of pricing for the CRC renovation.

The 10$ credit fee has not been finalized yet.

If the renovation is approved, the fee would begin in Fall 2015. (20 year period)

Free WHRC memberships would last a lifetime.

With the $10 credit fee it would increase tuition to around $2,000. This cost needs to be transparent.

How will an increase in tuition affect student attendance at the Evergreen State College?



Meeting Minutes 01.14.2015


Absent: Anne, Jeff, Alexander, Nick, Emily

Chair: Andrew


Approve Minutes: Approved


Public Comments


  • Three students came to the GSU to express their concern with cops policing the Evergreen forest.

  • They patrol, roughly, 100 acres of the forest

  • Anon-campus police officer, Pavlenko is trying to criminalized students in the Evergreen forest, as reported by the three students.

  • There has been testimony’s by students where this policeman encourages students to give other student’s names who are involved in underage drinking and smoking.


  • He has told students whom he has written up for smoking weed, “What other school is going to accept you?”

  • These experiences are causing discomfort and a feeling of non-safety towards the Evergreen campus. Students have expressed the desire to leave on campus housing by spring quarter.


  • Blake Vincent, an Evergreen student has experience on-campus police follow him into the forest through F-lot.

  • They claimed that they’re patrolling the woods due to past SV cases that occurred at the Evergreen forest.

  • Student presenting to GSU speculated that the on-campus police are being trained to go undercover.”


  • Student presenting to GSU speculated that the on-campus police are being trained to go undercover.”



  • Miriam Padilla expressed interest in writing a Cooper Joint Journal article in regards to this situation.


  • Campus Affairs and Social Justice Cluster can work further on this matter.


  • The GSU will stay in contact with these students and draft a letter and file a civil rights grievance, and file a complaint. Other students who are dealing with a similar experience should do the same.


  • The GSU discussed an option to organize a closed door hearing.

  • Molly has expressed interest in leading this project.

A-Dorm Kitchen-Petal


  • There are not enough places to cook in the space.

  • Adding an island counter top could be helpful.


  • There are no soap/sponges to clean the kitchenware.

  • Student has also expressed interest in adding cabinet to store kitchen items.

  • The kitchen is now open for 24 hours.

  • Many students have expressed concern for the lack of an accountability system in the kitchen space.

  • Tyler Bieber is meeting with Kelly Lundy and they will discuss these issues. GO may start checking out kitchen equipment.




  • Andrew met up with Richard, S&A coordinator at Tacoma. Tacoma campus is not using all of their S&A funds. They discussed the idea of Tacoma and Olympia campuses can work together to support and create veteran’s and prison groups.


  • The GSU will be traveling to Tacoma on a Tuesday in winter term.

  • Today, the GSU will picked a tentative date

  • Tentative Date: February 10th, The GSU will leave campus around 3.


  • Tom may charter a school bus.

  • Talk to Linkon about any dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and etc.)


Budget Update-Tyler


  • The GSU still needs to organize their operational budget

  • There was confusion over what funding was left in the Election Commissioner Budget

  • Tom suggested to request $4,000 for GSU stipends

  • The GSU has enough to pay for this quarter

  • Tyler Bieber will have the official number for funds for hosting the WSA meeting by next Wednesday


  • Tyler Bieber asked the members of GSU to document number of people that tend to GSU events, and submit receipts to the budget manager shelf in the GSU office.


WashPIRG Referendum


  • Every 2 years, the Evergreen State student body votes on whether to keep the $8 per quarter student fee for WashPIRG.


  • The Referendum will occur during winter quarter


  • The GSU still needs to approve the date
  • There will be a board meeting on the 24th in CAB 301 regarding the budget breakdown of WashPIRG


  • Time of the event is unknown

Student Vote Legitimacy


  • There are tensions between the student body and board of trustees. There has been discussions that the board/administration are focused on gaining student’s money for project, but are not validating the student body voice and opinions on campus issues.


  • There has been a struggle with forming the disappearing task force around the geoduck name change.


  • Students need to put pressure on the administration



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