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GSU Meeting 12/03/2014

GSU Meeting:11/03/2014

Absent: Linkon and Brendan

Chair: Jeff Beaulac
Meeting Minutes: Approved


Public Comments

S&A Brunch
Week 10
S&A will be serving brunch at 10:00 AM

Advertise Student Elections
• Post in Greener Commons
• All school emails, like registration?
• Talk to Wendy

GSU Ballot
• smoking on campus

Elections deadline this friday

Hunger Hoedown
When: January 16th, 2nd week of winter quarter
Washpirg, evergreen psyche club
dance party
donate clothing or nonperishable items
all food items will be donated to Thurston County Food Bank
Mac:meeting with Sharon Goodman to finalized people of color on-campus housing

Agenda: Approved

• point person for representative to talk to the financial board, report back to the GSU to give information to the students
• vote to create a position that would act as a liaison that would work with the investment group, already a person of interest
• Jeff will bring more information next week

Check In’s

No comments

Faculty Liaison
• The GSU needs to find another faculty liaison
• every other wednesday, all faculty meeting
• Ask Brendan
• if not, Evelyn will fill the position
• The GSU decided to leave the position open for the freshmen representatives. (table it next week)

Check in from Green Dot and SV prevention form committee

• Event: 6-8, wednesday, bottom of the floor library
• a community forum of SV policy on campus
• presentation of the current policy, listening to comments, and answering questions
• present students to resources
• Planning meeting on friday, trying to put together pamphlets
• $20 budget for pamphlets
• mention safer’s communities act
• advocate and Kelly will be present at the event

Green Dot

• Tyler, Jeff, Emily, Andrew went to the workshop

• Green dot training can be beneficial for students, but doesn’t cover everything
• Kelly cannot just change the actual material ,because it is a state-wide initiative program
• Kelly can change how to is presented, activity listening to concerns/feedback

• examples and videos were presented

• Andrew: support with a condition: demands that administration financial support for mandatory consent workshops, communicate with Kelly

• add provision to safer’s communities act: the administration will hire somebody to do mandatory workshops/put hold on students account if they do not show up

• Report back in January

Know Your Rights
• 40 people came
• Nat, Andrew, Raven presented information
• good connection of dialog between students and presenters
• the workshop was filmed
• First people peers are interested in having a similar workshop

General Assembly’s
• General Assembly’s: where people talk about issues on campus
• being visible as a union
• learned about what students care about
• vital community builder, especially during winter quarter
• committee that plans GA’s?
• Do we want to do it?
• Then organize with By-Laws
• week 2 of winter quarter: check in
• have a conversation outside of the GSU meeting

By-Laws Proposal

• Motion to put the proposal of By-Laws into affect (approved)
• New structure, yay!
• The change immediately goes into effect
• Chair/Cluster coordinator positions that need to be filled
• Talk about monday meeting
• Moved to table the rest of the agenda until these positions have been filled

3 Clusters
• Social Justice
• Campus Affairs
• Marketing/Outreach (organizing trips to Tacoma)

Can be crossover between clusters

Clusters themselves can form committees w/o approval, can have weekly meetings outside of GSU meetings

Report time for each clusters at the beginning of Agenda

Consent Cabinet: officers
• Chief Budget Officer
• Technical Officer
• Parliamentary Officer

Andrew and Jeff cannot make next meeting
send out emails to members who are absent

nominate Andrew as chair (nominated)

Misha and Nicholas arrived at 2:14
Nat arrived at 2:00

Safe Pathways-Robyn
• No emergency call booths around the children center, tennis courts, by the HCC, Overhung road and each emergency phone starts at $2500 (buying and installing, assuming utilities are near by)
• Other options: cellular base, counting on cell service, solar power
• may or may not work in remote locations
• found numbers of areas where lights are not working
• pruning
• turning lights back on
• adding lighting
• let facilities know when lights are burnt out
• push it out to greener commons, put on spring vote, reaching out to students
• put together a safety campaign (Campus Affairs cluster)
• safe walk system: police services will walk with students
• contact campus facilities for burnt lights
• seek feedback from students on alternative methods at SV workshop, general assembly, greener commons
Financial Board Representative

• John Harley-VP of Financial Administration
• Financial Board Representative: A student reporter that attends financial board meetings. This student will learn about Evergreen’s investments and what they look like for the college. A business student would be the most suitable for the position.
• Heather Wood is a business student that has work on non-profit projects and is interested in the position.
• Heather will come to next week’s meeting
• The GSU nominated Heather Wood for the Financial Board position.
Board of Trustees Check-in-Nick Wooten

• name change to gwideq
• cost of changing is high, in the face of budget cuts
• concerned with cultural appropriation

Board of Trustee

• 2 weeks ago: governors of director budget came in
• higher ed is the only source to take money out of
• 17% budget cut , possibly
• not a clear picture
• prepare for another round of cuts
• college is doing a decent job in retention and recruitment
• more directly involved in campus this year
• Last meeting had a retreat in Olympia
• the student vote is more of a recommendation
• the issue on the student vote is on the agenda in January
• developing a platform

Social Justice Cluster


Monday Meeting Time

• Add Monday meeting time to GSU meetings
• This time will be designated for cluster/groups
• Monday meeting will be conducted during governance hours



Student Voices Forum: Sexual Violence Policy at Evergreen

Do you have an opinion you’re dying to express about sexual violence policy on campus? Confused about the process of reporting an instance of harassment? Want to become a part of the national conversation about reforming SV Policy on college campuses? Come by next Wednesday for some tea and conversation.

Know Your Rights Workshop!

Are you nervous now about going to fundraisers and house parties? 

When do you have the right to record police officers with media? 
When are you required to produce ID? 
What are your rights when a police officer asks to search you or your property?

Come find out how to flex your rights as an individual in relation to Washington State law! Take a break from your super busy week 8 schedule to participate in our kick ass workshop hosted by the illustrious Khadija Hassan

If you can’t make it, contact us through this facebook page so we can at least send some cited resources your way:

• wallet-sized know-your-rights cards
• fact sheets
• police encounter pamphlet

Let’s work to make the changes we all talk about happen. Knowledge is power, ignorance is not sexy.

*Sponsored by the Gʷídəq Student Union


  • November 19th
    at 6:00pm – 8:00pm
  • The Evergreen State College Library Building, First Floor (by Photoland)


GSU Tentative Agenda for 11/19/2014


  • Appoint Chair – 1:15
  • Public Comments
  • Approve Minutes
  • Approve Agenda/Check-ins/New Business to Approve
  • Check-in from Tacoma Campus – Linkon ~1:30
  • Check-in from Board Meeting – Nick Wooten and Jeff Beaulac ~ 1:35
  • Winter Quarter Trip to Tacoma ~ 1:45
  • Check-in from Green Dot and SV Prevention Reform Committee ~ 1:55
  • Constitutional Changes Committee ~ 2:10
  • Know Your Rights Workshop Check-in ~2:20
  • Health and Safety Smoking Policy Recommendation – Wendy Endress and John Hurley ~ 2:30
  • Create Agenda ~2:50
  • Adjourn – 3:00

Meeting Minutes 11/5/2014

Absent: Mathew, Emily

Resigned: Oomug, Forest

Chair: Andrew

Approved Minutes: Approved

GSU Meeting: 11/5/2014


Check Ins

Nina Sullivan passed around a letter regarding the need to reevaluate the resigning process within the GSU Constitution

Committee of SV Prevention update:

  • (WSA) final scores for SV report card are due this friday
  • Committee members will be meeting with Kelly Schrader and CASV
  • If anyone has can any revisions to the questions then email Tyler or Evelyn
  • In the process of planning two town halls meeting of the weekend before thanksgiving break (Lecture Hall 1)-Talk to Tom
  • Weekly Meetings-Friday Afternoons, 3-5

WSA Hiring Committee:

  • Committee members are Brendan, Evelyn and Molly,
  • This Saturday is the general assembly
  • Hire a WSA Liaison as soon as possible

Campus Committees

  • The GSU have advertised these positions to the student body. Any other committees with open positions can be filled be a GSU member now.

Filled Positions with Nominated GSU Representatives


  • Bias-Related Incident Response Team: Evelyn, Andrew

  • Campus Land Use: Tyler Bieber

  • Copyright Committee: Raven

  • DoA/DoP Planning Committee: Molly and Mac

  • Diversity & Standing Equity Committee: Evelyn

  • Deadly Force Committee: Jeff and Mac

  • Evening/Weekend Studies: Brendan

  • Faculty Hiring DTF:Nina

  • Flaming Eggplant: Raven, Molly & Andrew

  • Food Service Dinning Contract Advisory: Zach(?) Anne Belson

  • Health and Safety: Misha

  • INT/ILC Systems Upgrade Project: Anne Belson, Brendan

  • Naming & Memorials Committee: Andrew

  • Parking Infraction Review Committee: Molly, Brendan Jeff

  • Police Services Committee Review Board: Molly, Mac & Anne

  • President Advisory Board on Substance: Raven

  • Student Conduct Code Hearing Board: Misha, Nina & Raven

  • Sustainability Council: Ask other students

  • VETS Team: Get back to Linkon on meeting times

  • Gwideq Name Change DTF: Mac


Letter of Appreciating for Jim Carroll and Dr.Peterson

  • Tacoma S&A would like t-shirts to advertise the S&A program
  • Richard said that it is against state law to gain funding from S&A for t-shirts and requires the board of trustees approval .
  • Add to agenda for next week
  • Tyler will email Budd bay for t-shirts
  • GSU endorses Richard for a member to the Presidential Search DTF Committee

Know Your Rights Workshop

  • Nat, Raven and Andrew will talk to each other after the GSU meeting.

WSA Appointment

  • Brendan-contact committee and discuss candidates, set a time through facebook
  • Motioned to reject the Jeff’s application turned in late (nominated)
  • WSA Liaison- Anne Belson (nominated)

Revising the GSU Constitution

Jeff passed a resolution document in last week’s meeting. This resolution encouraged the GSU to review and revise the constitution.

Jeff moved to create a committee that would review/revised the GSU constitution (nominated

On committee: Tyler, Jeff, Andrew, Mac

Election Commissioner

Anne motioned Kimberley to be Election Commissioner for the upcoming election. (nominated)

There are two more applications for the position.


CRC-Matt Newman

Architecture Firm: YGH

Range of 20-30 million dollar project -more expensive then the CAB project

baseline 20 million-infrastructure, heating, ventilation

There is a discussion about whether is fair to ask students to pay for the general operation of the building. Or should this project seek extra financial support from Evergreen State.

Avenues to Pay for the Cab:

  • Private fundraiser-opportunity for alumni to donate (bricks, plaques)
  • Student Fees-A fee of $5.25 per quarter
  • College Contribution

CRC is not an academic building, does not receive funding from state.

going to a vote as soon as next week

Students payed 16 million for the CAB project

2/3rds of CRC budget is from student tuition

CRC helps current and future students

Is this the cheapest cheapest option? Matt explains how this design was approached strategically, and the firm does under stand that we do not have a “blank” check to give them.

There was a suggestion to create a subcommittee in GSU to review CRC renovation

All facilities would available and reconstructed in stages

Other Ideas

  • Locker Rooms Safety:explore the possibility of having 3 lockers rooms. One would be gender neutral.






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