The Geoduck Student Union

Student Government at The Evergreen State College

Tentative Agenda for GSU Meeting 10/29/2014

- Appoint Chair
- Public Comments
- Approve Minutes
- Approve Agenda/Check-ins/New Business to Approve to Add to Agenda
- Presidential Search DTF Update
- JulieAnne Behar from the WSA
- Committee Proposals – Misha and Anne
- Committee Appointments
- Future Projects – Andrew
- Admin Access on Computers – Forest
- Meeting Time
- Accountability for Representatives
- Green Screen Upgrade – Nick
- Report Back From Committee on SV Prevention Reform
- Create Agenda


Meeting Minutes 10/15/2014

Time of Meeting: 1:30-3:00PM

Absent Emily, Oomung

Chair: Tyler Bieber

Meeting Minutes: Approved

Agenda: Approved
Forest: Form a committee to promote election commissioner

Tyler: hiring permanent hiring committee

Nicholas: Green screen update (table next week)

Check In’s

• Andrew: space for members to check in about what people have been up to
• Brendan: Takes up time not everyone is allowed to present
• Tyler: stack, 5-10 minutes designated for check ins
• Examples of Check In’s: Brendan can give the GSU an update on the S&A Board hiring process.
• Dylan: Update on meeting in Pullman for the Washington Student Boards Association Meeting

• Brendan: motion to add check ins to agenda, as long as it does not take up an agenda item, but is worth mentioning to the Union. (nominated)

GSU Scholarship

• Geoduck instead of the GSU
• input for the name of the scholarship
• The scholarship can build a positive bridge between the GSU and the student body
• There was a debate, regarding if a GSU member could receive this award
• Tyler forms stack
• Dylan: Can we use the name without the vote of the students? Representatives of the unions
• The name can be the Geoduck Student Leader/Leadership Scholarship-not student union

Concerns with a GSU scholarship:

• Members are nervous about an idea of a scholarship created by the GSU ,because it sends a message that it is the GSU’s responsibility to bridge the financial gap with their own personal resources due to the system’s failure in supporting students.
• Temporary scholarship-people will miss it/not recognize it
• It potentially sends a message where GSU members do not need stipends
• Concerns with using the “Geoduck Student Union” name


• Dylan: Can you apply when you will not be a GSU rep the following year?
• Nicholas: understand issues (donating money, name)
• reservations for the precedent of the future
• Can be apart of the GSU 2014-15 legacy
• Tyler: after questions, motion or table
• Linkon:give time for other’s to speak
• Forest: see it as representatives appropriate for us to lend our name, creates a space to create a future, negativity in the room
• Nicholas: motion to approve the GSU solidarity scholarship
• 7 votes: approving
• 7 votes: denied
• scholarship name denied

Open Committee Positions

• open committees positions posted on commons, bulletin board, office
• Evelyn suggests to have the promotional material done before this weekend (before harvest weekend)
• Tyler: target date for committee position (week 5 or 6)
• Andrew: week 5, unfilled committees appoint GSU members

WSA Liaison

• Jeff, Nina, Anne are interested in the position
• Evelyn suggests giving other Evergreen students a chance to apply for this position
• Tyler explained that other schools already have a liaison who are developing strategic plans.
• Set a target date
• Jeff mentioned getting a group together and strategize for the WSA Liaison position.
• Jeff: contact first-year advising, reach out to find students interested in this position
• Outreach team-contact first-year advising
• Nina said that there is a budget of $4,000 for this position, and allow non-GSU members to apply for the position.
• Tyler reminded the GSU that WSA has been having meetings since August. GSU has started to attend these meetings in October.
• Set up a plan to to have a liaison hired at the end of the academic year
• motion-to leave the position open for the next two weeks (nominated)
• Dylan: if there will be multiple applicants, then there should be an interview process.
• Tom will post the position on CODA
• Brendan: motion to create WSA Liaison committee (nominated)
• Committee members: Evelyn, Molly, and Brendan
• Tom: information for budget-WSA fee and remaining balance

Greener Commons Discussion Update

• Andrew: Dylan H said there is no way that academic computing will make a canvas for student groups.
• Moodle is a possibility-strongly recommended against that-enrollment status
• A forum can be created on Word press where there is a section only for members to use
• The forum would be located at
• Should the GSU use campus resources or look at other alternatives?
• Forest: fine with not using state resources, and suggests trello.
• Forest, Andrew, and Nat expressed interest in creating the Word press forum.
• General interest in having a forum
• Molly: focusing on GSU rep website where we can access open up to the community
• Motioned: to build a centralized group around the GSU website (privately) and abolished the face book group
• Should the forum be private? And the Greener Commons page be public?
• Forest urged that any conversations revolving around official business should be made public
• Nicholas: vote on two separate issues, moved to separate votes (abolish the face book group and decided if the forum should private or public.)
• Motion to create a private page
• Vote for: 9
• Vote against:5
• Motion to make a private forum (failed, needs 2/3 vote)
• Andrew motion to abolish the face book page
• Other members suggests that the face book page cannot be abolished until there is an alternative space for communication among GSU members.
• Andrew: resend the motion to abolished page
• Dylan: 30 minute cap for this discussion next week
• motioned to vote for public page (nominated)

WSA Report

• Tyler and Dylan attend WSA meeting-GSU’s first WSA meeting of this year
• 4 representatives (vote on behalf evergreen student body) for the general assembly
• general assembly on november 14th, at Washington Central
• Tyler updated the GSU on what happened at the WSA meeting
• opposed the 15 percents cut to all public agency
• voted yes on a proposal on an item to legally defined consent as “yes means yes”
• preserve/ created public transport system on campus
• intend to vote yes on a drafting a proposal that calls for open aired space, not restricting foot traffic for free speech zone w/o consequences
• There are conflicts for with not only budget cuts, but the notion to bring down class sizes in k-12th grade.
• This funding will likely come from our budget
• Evergreen’s budget is under 194 million dollars
• Linkon: if we do reduce class size, more resources, more money
• trying to get SPSCC to go to the WSA, representation for the board
• Tyler and Misha will talk to SPSCC
• Tyler: working group in a committee (drafting letters, lobby day events) established something next week
• sat, jan 31st host WSA meeting
• catering, 10-11 schools
• Tom: who extended the invitation? In 2009, there was a vote for a one time fee for the purpose of a membership and intern to attend WSA sessions. Two years ago, the GSU appointed someone, using S&A fees there is about 4,000 in an account. This fund can be used for memberships, intern-legislative session, travel expenses
• Budget managers will review expenses for hosting the WSA meeting at Evergreen in december
• Safe Communities Act-tabled for next week
• Green Screens for next week

Nick and Evelyn left at 2:40

Safer Communities Act

• Tyler provided a copy of “The Safe Communities Act” bill to GSU members.
• multiple incidents occurring on lower campus
• There was an advocate presence during this discussion, Virginia Green
• Organize a task force for the Green Dot Program
• Supplement self-defense workshops to assist the Green Dot Program
• Ask the S&A board for $1,000 budget for these projects
• Currently, there is a senior conduct office and a process to investigate these cases.
• One person judging on two different interviews. This creates a bias perceptive on the situation.
• Have 2 designated officers that would determine what happened in the situation
• Appeals board (?)
• record our progress with Office of Sexual Violence Prevention
• Tyler will reach out and ask CASV members to be a part of this discussion.

Meeting Minutes 10/8/2014


Absent: Forest, Matthew, Nina, Ooumung

Nathan Lefkoff (arrived at 2:00)

Elected Chair: Dylan

Public Comments:
• Max. Merchant-SA coordinator
• S&A are interviewing candidates on the 13th and 15th, for the S&A board for next year
• The GSU can assist in choosing the S&A board for next year. GSU members can also apply for positions.
• 2 GSU members are needed for the hiring board.
Organizational Structure

Current Positions:

Budget Manager-knowledge of budget
Legacy Document-lists positions
Internal Coordinator-maintain communication between all parties
External Coordinator-communicate with other organizations on campus
Historian-mandated, file information in narrative document
Promotion Organizer: Promote events/activities and all things relating to the GSU
Office Manager: maintain a clean office space, write meeting minutes

• Positions are listed on the google docs site

*Besides Office Manager and Historian, GSU can add or take away positions

Add to next week’s agenda (?)

Promotional Organizer Position

• Emily: proposed multiple people to promotional organizer.
• Tyler: committee with 3 GSU reps
• Emily: suggested 2 GSU reps instead. Easier to communicate with two instead of three people.

• Promotional Committees of 2 GSU Reps (approved)

• Molly Pumfrey (Nominated)
• Anne Belson (Nominated)



External Coordinator

• 2 positions (lower/upper campus)
• 3 positions-(lower/upper/student groups) *amended

Upper Campus: Brenden Hale (nominated)
Lower Campus: Tyler Bieber (nominated)
Student Groups: Evelyn (nominated)

Internal Coordinator

• 1 GSU rep position
• Andrew (nominated)
• Andrew asked for interim with this position
Budget Manager

• 2 budget mangers (open positions)
• Emily Dunn-Wilder (Nominated)
• Nicholas Bense (Nominated)

• Person in this position will change per quarter
• Raven for fall quarter (nominated)

Andrew: be civil and respectful of other members around GSU business


GSU Members Attendance/GSU Meeting Time

Meeting Time-20 minutes cap
• Nat Lefkoff will be able to attend meetings on Wednesdays at 2:00 PM, due to a commitment with the Gateways program.
• GSU consensus of allowing Nat to show up at 2:00 PM at weekly meetings
• Anne Belson: A few members can form an outside small group to update Oomung regarding information of meetings.

Dylan forms stack

• Nat: missed two meetings, should GSU representatives attend all meetings?
• Dylan: if a GSU member meeting cannot make meetings, then they cannot be here to share opinions,
• Dylan also mentioned Forest’s idea to do a vote by proxy
• Jeff: The 1-3 meeting group is established, and there should be consistency for the student body. GSU members should be able to represent and share opinions at meetings.

• Nicholas: issue with Monday night? Schedule conflicts?
• Molly: some people have issues with meeting on Monday (work, classes),
• Linkon: declared Point of Order; focus back to the question, can someone visit meetings occasionally? (Students who cannot make the meetings? And should the GSU time change?)
• GSU consensus on clarifying a change in discussion

• Nicholas: move to established current meeting time for the rest of the year, explore alternatives
• Andrew: move to 1-3 PM CAB 301, Wednesdays
• Emily: amend the motion of the floor to reevaluate meeting time for next quarter, schedules can change.
• Slight confusion over the process of amendment
• Tyler: Once it is moved and seconded-cannot be amended
• If motioned and not seconded, then an amendment can be formed.
• Wednesday, 1-3, CAB; official meeting hours
• Andrew: difficult to remove from GSU, explore possibilities for Oomung. He is an elected member
• Nat: agreement in possibilities. Contact Oomung’s work on behalf of GSU, with Oomung’s permission
• Jeff: agreement, but Oomung should take steps to be in contact
• Molly: allow chance, but he should be willing to make an effort
• Misha: GSU is a paid position
• Tom: If a GSU representative does not consistently show up meetings, then they would not have earned their stipend
• Tyler: can draw up a system by by-laws, will not be present for meetings, and will be up for review.
• Past 20 Min cap
• Andrew: someone can have an important role. There is an established Committee of Review
• Nat: contact Oomung, let him know to contact GSU with solid response by email,

Hiring S&A Board Committee

• Two GSU members must be willing to be present for hiring process on the both Monday and Wednesday
• Brendan Hale (nominated)
• Emily Dunn-Wilder (nominated)

Noel McHugh

• IT housing
• Andrew: explore other avenues of fb. System of topics and threads
• Greener Commons /GSU category?
• Canvas site setup (possible)
• Work group meeting in 2 weeks (Wednesday at 1), send representatives to meeting. 1-2 sentences of purpose of having a GSU category in Greener Commons.
• Emily: Canvas for internal communication, three on commons to communicate, regarding agenda to the public.
• Talk to Dylan H. (Andrew will send email)
• not having a single topic for minutes (weekly minutes)
• Brenden: motion to move Greener Commons discussion for next week’s agenda
CPJ Column

• Bi-weekly column of questions directed the GSU, Nicholas would write responses based on the approval of the union.
• Evelyn: taking up time in discussions?
• Nicholas would post answers
• Tyler: move to allow Nicholas in collaboration with promotional team; entrusted with the final word
• Allow Nicholas to reach out for comments from the union

GSU Scholarship

• Nicholas creating a scholarship
• Geoduck Student Union Solidarity Scholarship
• Nicholas is using his stipend to create a scholarship
• Nicholas wants approval of the name or name ideas for the scholarship
• Scholarship criteria: for students who are actively creating change on campus
• one way to assist to students
• approval from GSU to use the union’s name for the scholarship
• Tom: needs to be a broader discussion for the use of name, ask the student body
• Tyler: motion to two budget managers in week 5 to present financial options towards the scholarship.
• 4 people opposed
• Nicholas: move to approve the name
• Molly: table for next week
• who/form scholarship committee
• information regarding the GSU scholarship process was sent to
• table this discussion for next week

Other Comments

• Linkon: add “New Business” to “Add Agenda” section
• New Business/Add Agenda



Meeting Minutes 10/1/2014

Absent: Dylan, Oomung, Nathan Lefkoff
Minutes: 1:52-3:09
Elect Chair: Branden Hale


Public Comments: None
Elected Members for Committees

Emily Dunn-Wilder: Health & Food

Tyler Bieber: Food Services Advisory

Nicholas: Presidential Fund Committee

Linkon: Interested in veteran’s committee

Comments on Committee Process

• Committees that should be filled by GSU reps

• Nina: Faculty Liaison (Nominated), contact Sandy

• Jeff, Evelyn nominees in Board of Trustees

• Jeff: Board of Trustees liaison (Nominated)

• Forest: appoint number of GSU to help fill committees by Oct. 15th
• Nicholas, Anne, and Molly will promote (posting flyers, tabling, Greener Commons, green screens, and etc.) all governance positions by Oct 15th on Campus
• Linkon will promote all governance positions by Oct 15th, on Tacoma’s campus

WSA Liaison/Board of Directors

• Appointing WSA liaison/Board of Directors
• Fill Board of Directors soon?
• Tyler is on the Board of Directors
• Anne is interested in Liaison position
• Position should be filled before winter

Emily-National Food Challenge

• Pressure on Food Service Corporations to purchase local, organic food. Increase student health.
• Air mark purchased 25% real food. Eggplant 73%. Aiming for real food percent 32% in 2020.
• Emily is asking for GSU’s official support.
• GSU will endorsed the Real Food Challenge Campus Food Coalition


• Tony-organizing director and Sarah-campus organizer.
• Grass-roots, student directed program. Promote democracy, environment, and other issues
• Register 300 students on campus to vote, GSU possibly endorsed voting campaign?

Improving Communication

• CommuniCATion,
• Facebook is troubling/ not everyone has access to Facebook
• Canvas? Talk to people from Greener Commons to set up a category for the GSU
• Tyler will speak with Noel McHugh, regarding Greener Commons for next week’s meeting
• Forest mentioned the site, trello.

Compensation for Traveling

• Linkon showed figures that reflect the cost of traveling from Tacoma to Olympia.
• $347.52
• GSU members quickly reviewed travel budget
• Linkon reimbursed $347.52 for travels of Tacoma
• $144.48 left in travel expenses
Next Week’s Agenda

• WSA Liaison Position
• Review “Let it all Hang out” let it all hang out
• Think about a new site for communication among members (Noel McHugh-Tyler Bieber)

Send agenda via. email


Student Employment-Student Election Commissioner

We need Election Commissioners for First-Year Student Elections! This is a paid position, and is crucial to have during elections. Job dates are October 27-December 12, 2014. Please apply!


Election Commissioner0001



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