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Know Your Rights Workshop!

Are you nervous now about going to fundraisers and house parties? 

When do you have the right to record police officers with media? 
When are you required to produce ID? 
What are your rights when a police officer asks to search you or your property?

Come find out how to flex your rights as an individual in relation to Washington State law! Take a break from your super busy week 8 schedule to participate in our kick ass workshop hosted by the illustrious Khadija Hassan

If you can’t make it, contact us through this facebook page so we can at least send some cited resources your way:

• wallet-sized know-your-rights cards
• fact sheets
• police encounter pamphlet

Let’s work to make the changes we all talk about happen. Knowledge is power, ignorance is not sexy.

*Sponsored by the Gʷídəq Student Union


  • November 19th
    at 6:00pm – 8:00pm
  • The Evergreen State College Library Building, First Floor (by Photoland)


GSU Tentative Agenda for 11/19/2014


  • Appoint Chair – 1:15
  • Public Comments
  • Approve Minutes
  • Approve Agenda/Check-ins/New Business to Approve
  • Check-in from Tacoma Campus – Linkon ~1:30
  • Check-in from Board Meeting – Nick Wooten and Jeff Beaulac ~ 1:35
  • Winter Quarter Trip to Tacoma ~ 1:45
  • Check-in from Green Dot and SV Prevention Reform Committee ~ 1:55
  • Constitutional Changes Committee ~ 2:10
  • Know Your Rights Workshop Check-in ~2:20
  • Health and Safety Smoking Policy Recommendation – Wendy Endress and John Hurley ~ 2:30
  • Create Agenda ~2:50
  • Adjourn – 3:00

Meeting Minutes 11/5/2014

Absent: Mathew, Emily

Resigned: Oomug, Forest

Chair: Andrew

Approved Minutes: Approved

GSU Meeting: 11/5/2014


Check Ins

Nina Sullivan passed around a letter regarding the need to reevaluate the resigning process within the GSU Constitution

Committee of SV Prevention update:

  • (WSA) final scores for SV report card are due this friday
  • Committee members will be meeting with Kelly Schrader and CASV
  • If anyone has can any revisions to the questions then email Tyler or Evelyn
  • In the process of planning two town halls meeting of the weekend before thanksgiving break (Lecture Hall 1)-Talk to Tom
  • Weekly Meetings-Friday Afternoons, 3-5

WSA Hiring Committee:

  • Committee members are Brendan, Evelyn and Molly,
  • This Saturday is the general assembly
  • Hire a WSA Liaison as soon as possible

Campus Committees

  • The GSU have advertised these positions to the student body. Any other committees with open positions can be filled be a GSU member now.

Filled Positions with Nominated GSU Representatives


  • Bias-Related Incident Response Team: Evelyn, Andrew

  • Campus Land Use: Tyler Bieber

  • Copyright Committee: Raven

  • DoA/DoP Planning Committee: Molly and Mac

  • Diversity & Standing Equity Committee: Evelyn

  • Deadly Force Committee: Jeff and Mac

  • Evening/Weekend Studies: Brendan

  • Faculty Hiring DTF:Nina

  • Flaming Eggplant: Raven, Molly & Andrew

  • Food Service Dinning Contract Advisory: Zach(?) Anne Belson

  • Health and Safety: Misha

  • INT/ILC Systems Upgrade Project: Anne Belson, Brendan

  • Naming & Memorials Committee: Andrew

  • Parking Infraction Review Committee: Molly, Brendan Jeff

  • Police Services Committee Review Board: Molly, Mac & Anne

  • President Advisory Board on Substance: Raven

  • Student Conduct Code Hearing Board: Misha, Nina & Raven

  • Sustainability Council: Ask other students

  • VETS Team: Get back to Linkon on meeting times

  • Gwideq Name Change DTF: Mac


Letter of Appreciating for Jim Carroll and Dr.Peterson

  • Tacoma S&A would like t-shirts to advertise the S&A program
  • Richard said that it is against state law to gain funding from S&A for t-shirts and requires the board of trustees approval .
  • Add to agenda for next week
  • Tyler will email Budd bay for t-shirts
  • GSU endorses Richard for a member to the Presidential Search DTF Committee

Know Your Rights Workshop

  • Nat, Raven and Andrew will talk to each other after the GSU meeting.

WSA Appointment

  • Brendan-contact committee and discuss candidates, set a time through facebook
  • Motioned to reject the Jeff’s application turned in late (nominated)
  • WSA Liaison- Anne Belson (nominated)

Revising the GSU Constitution

Jeff passed a resolution document in last week’s meeting. This resolution encouraged the GSU to review and revise the constitution.

Jeff moved to create a committee that would review/revised the GSU constitution (nominated

On committee: Tyler, Jeff, Andrew, Mac

Election Commissioner

Anne motioned Kimberley to be Election Commissioner for the upcoming election. (nominated)

There are two more applications for the position.


CRC-Matt Newman

Architecture Firm: YGH

Range of 20-30 million dollar project -more expensive then the CAB project

baseline 20 million-infrastructure, heating, ventilation

There is a discussion about whether is fair to ask students to pay for the general operation of the building. Or should this project seek extra financial support from Evergreen State.

Avenues to Pay for the Cab:

  • Private fundraiser-opportunity for alumni to donate (bricks, plaques)
  • Student Fees-A fee of $5.25 per quarter
  • College Contribution

CRC is not an academic building, does not receive funding from state.

going to a vote as soon as next week

Students payed 16 million for the CAB project

2/3rds of CRC budget is from student tuition

CRC helps current and future students

Is this the cheapest cheapest option? Matt explains how this design was approached strategically, and the firm does under stand that we do not have a “blank” check to give them.

There was a suggestion to create a subcommittee in GSU to review CRC renovation

All facilities would available and reconstructed in stages

Other Ideas

  • Locker Rooms Safety:explore the possibility of having 3 lockers rooms. One would be gender neutral.






First-Year Representative Application Deadline

Hey First-Year Students!

All GSU first-year student representative applications are due today at 5:00 PM! You can submit them at S&A in the CAB, or email them at 



Members Absent: Nina Sullivan , Matthew Noonan, Nat Lefkoff, Forest Hunt


Chair: Tyler Bieber


Public Comments: None


Meeting Minutes:Approved


Agenda: Approved




Check In’s



November 1st-budget banzana- learn about the budget process and reform


Molly mentioned that Marry Hall would like to meet/present to the GSU at a scheduled time.


Misha and Anne requested to form two internal committees:

Student Space Committee-create a 24 hour space for students to study (library?)

Food Committee- a space to prepare food for folks who do not live on campus


Raven proposed a workshop on students rights with the law and how to interact with law enforcement. This is in response to the police action at the Books to Prisoners party.


Presidential Search DTF-Sarah Peterson and Richard




December 1st-soft closing-candidates would be sure that their applications would be considered

DTF does not see the applications until November 21st.


Nominate Form is online:


Presidential Search Homepage:


Second Week of January: A list of recommended candidates will be presented to the Board of Trustees

January-Febuary: finalists will be on campus


There are currently two student representatives on the committee (undergrad and graduate)

There a missing position that needs to be filled

November 12th: Board will be on campus, bring recommendations to appoint a new student to the position

Representative from the Tacoma Campus?

Richard – S&A active student at Tacoma Campus recommended by Tacoma faculty rep Gilda on committee

Linkon will follow up with Gilda and Richard




-WSA: Similar to WASHpirg in terms of student advocacy

work in state government, student lobby, focuses on WA issues


-Youth Voters Coalition-working along with WASHpirg and other organizations

registered over 8600 students across the state on college campuses




-Ending Sexual Violence Task Force-ending sexual violence on college campuses

seeking GSU rep for this task force

campus report cards (grading campuses) What are we doing well? What do we need to work on

Task force state wide day of action in november 15th. Promoting awareness/education/advocacy

monday, november 10th, task force has meetings over the phone



-College Affordability

defining minimum standard of college affordability

creating an endorsed model for college affordability

college affordability is work affordability, expectation for students to contribute financially

calculating minimum that states need to contribute in order to call it a public school


-Other Projects

Upcoming general assembly on november 8th , proportional presence from schools


-Free speech zones-some schools expressed concern, all of campus should be a free speech zones?

Establishing safe spaces free speech


-Allowing students to use ebt cards on campus


January 30th-Evergreen will be hosting a WSA meeting

Provide a space, budget for lunch (30-40 representatives), provide a conference phone




CRC Modernization Project-Matt Newman

CRC renovation project

moving forward as a conceptual piece

brought visuals of the potential architecture for the CRC


Proposed ideas:


outdoor covered play area

health wellness center-between CAB and CRC with student led gardens

covered field area

sustainability design-natural ventilation for gym, rainwater collection for grey water system, solar preheat system

More doors for entry


Green Screens-Jimmy Hadley and Bob Herdlein

possibility of having videos/audio on green screens

seeking video submission from GSU to pilot videos on Green Screens

$4400-6000 for potential upgrade

Jimmy had success with 4 second video

can be used to promote the GSU on campus



Other Events

Oomung has resigned as a GSU member on facebook

Tom will contact the next person in line, Lucas Knight


Student Space Committee formed: Misha and Raven

Food Committee formed: Nick, Misha, and Emily

Anne motioned Zach Fleig to Policy Committee and CLUC (nominated)



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