“How Will This Feel If I Fail?” is a project centered around the way failure intersects with our relationships to the dominant social narratives that influence our daily lives. What’s at stake for everyone living on the outside of these stories? What other stories can we tell? I want to explore and envision new ways to create a meaningful existence out of our perceived collective and individual failures. I don’t just want failure to feel okay, I want it to feel necessary. I want it to feel like a catalyst for building better worlds, worlds where everything is constantly being re-written. Where space is opened up and torn apart, ruptured and rebuilt again and again and again. To create the kind of narratives that start from the inside and grow out, ever adapting and expanding to fit the people who live in them.

Through poetry, oral history, and story-telling I want to create a multitudinous hodgepodge of a zine to explore these ideas. I am seeking to engage as many voices as possible in this endeavor. Failure is made to feel isolating, and I think that is the first narrative that needs to go.


Relevant writing installments will be posted here and aggregated into the RSS feed for Writing & Resistance. All other updates/process notes/random whatevers can be found over in Swampland.