The Changing Climate Change Portal

The Changing Climate Change Portal is A web-based public resource providing information on organizations fighting climate change in the Pacific Northwest. The information included here was compiled and mapped by participants in Landscapes of Change. By its nature, this website is a work in progress – always evolving into a better version of itself as site visitors and the organizations profiled in the site contribute more and more information.

The goals of this project include:

  • to make it possible and simple for members of the public to get involved at any level in positive climate change,
  • to reveal gaps in needed action so that those can be filled by individuals with the necessary expertise and will,
  • to reveal overlaps and opportunities for collaboration between organizations already doing good work.

We invite you to visit the portal and make use of its various interfaces and menus to find how and where in the Pacific Northwest you can get involved and make a positive difference in climate change.


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