Prison Break of Timothy Leary

In September of 1970, The Weather Underground, after being paid 20,000 dollars, broke Dr. Timothy Leary out of prison. Leary was at the time a L.S.D advocate and counter culture hero who was being incarcerated for a ten year sentence due to the possession of two marijuana joints. The Brotherhood of Eternal Love, a counter culture LSD advocacy group spearheaded by Leary himself paid the Weather Underground. Soon after 25 members of Weather broke Leary out of prison, then by going from cell to cell, smuggled him and his wife to Algeria. When arriving in Algeria Leary joined forces with Black Panther leader Eldrige Cleaver and obtained his freedom. During his stay in Algeria, Leary was interviewed and quoted saying, “World war 3 has begun, join us, (in relation to the Black Panther, Weather Underground and other culture movements of the time) because we’re happy, and we’re free, and we’re going to make the world free” (See Communiqué’s and Publications for Leary’s P.O.W. Communique). This quote has been used quite often as another driving force behind the ideology of the Weather Underground after these events.