NetLogo Models


  • Einstein Solid: A model energy, entropy and temperature changes when two solids come into themral contact.
  • Bouncing Ball: A model of ball as a collection of interacting particles. When the ball of particle bounces, energy is transfered from external to internal energy with an increase in entropy.
  • Random Motion: A model that illustrates various kinematical properites of multi-particle collisions, including the transfer of energy and time reversal symmetry.
  • Chaos:

  • Chaotic Pendulum: A model of the chaotic motion of a pendulum interacting with magnets.
  • Logistic Chaos: A model that creates the Logistic map with an option to play sound as the map iterates. Down load the file to hear the sound. The sound extension will not work in the applet.
  • Evolution:

  • Fitness Landscape: A model of evolution based on movement through a fitness landscape.
  • FractalMorph: A model that illustrates the principle of evolution by artificial selection.
  • Sharks and Minnows: A predator/prey model with hunting, escaping and schooling
  • Sharks and Minnows with Evolution: A predator/prey model with hunting, escaping, schooling and evolution of these behaviours.
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