Control the Food, Control the People

Control the Food, Control the People
By Nik, Madeline, & Annie

Topic of collaboration: Genetically modified organisms and the potential health risks associated with them. It connects to our program theme of sustainability, as the health risks do not contribute to a sustainable life style.

Creative process and intentions: As a group we had an idea based off of textual information about genetically modified organisms. Because of this our intentions with the video and sound were to create a minimal and experimental housing to present the information through on screen text.

Nature of our adaptation: The adaptation of our essay to video was partly traditional to radical. The text information in the video is the traditional aspect of the video. But the audio and video are radical adaptations.

Modes of representation: For this video we employed multiple modes of representation. Uses of poetic, expository, and reflexive modes of representation are present in this video.

Stylistic approach: Our group approach to this video was to make use of experimental or abstract sounds and visuals, through editing and recording, to create more of an emphasis of the text information being presented through the video.

Challenges: Some of the challenges the group had were, time constraints, limited resources for filming, and deciding on what visuals to use in the piece.

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