Election 2012

The Government Relations office at Evergreen, like so many around the state, nation and world, has been closely following the 2012 elections. Many races remain too close to call and others had clear outcomes last night and this morning. Below is a list of some of the races the Government Relations office has been following.

According to the Washington Secretary of State’s website, as of noon on November 7, 2012:

  • Governor’s Race: Democrat Jay Inslee leads Republican Rob McKenna by a narrow margin – 51.32% to 48.68
  • District One Senate: Incumbent Democrat Rosemary McAuliffe retains her seat with 55% of the vote
  • District Two Senate: Incumbent Republican Randi Becker retains her seat with 56.6% of the vote
  • District Five Senate: Newcomer Mark Mullet, Democrat, leads Republican challenger Brad Toft with 53.8% of the vote. This seat was vacated earlier this spring by Republican Cheryl Pflug
  • District 10 Senate: Incumbent Democrat Mary Margaret Haugen looks to be losing her seat to current Republican Representative Barbara Bailey; Bailey has 52.8% of the vote
  • District 17 Senate: Current House Democrat Tim Probst is narrowly beating (50.28%) incumbent Senator Don Benton
  • House Higher Education Chair, Democrat Larry Seaquist, leads Republican challenger Doug Richards with 53.33% of the vote
  • Local House Democrat and Chair of the Education Appropriations Committee, Kathy Haigh, narrowly leads Republican challenger Dan Griffey with 51.49%
  • Current State Senator Derek Kilmer leads Republican Challenger Bill Driscoll in the US Congressional District 6 race with 58.27% of the vote (this seat is being vacated by longtime Congressman Norm Dicks)
  • Local US Congressional District 10 race has Democrat Denny Heck leading Richard (Dick) Muri with 58.49% of the vote
  • Engrossed Senate Joint Resolution No. 8221 Concerning implementing the Commission on State Debt recommendations regarding Washington’s debt limit leads by a healthy margin – 63.11%

What this all means

New numbers are scheduled to be released sometime late Wednesday afternoon or early evening. With many races still unknown it is difficult to predict how everything will shake out. It appears numbers in the Senate and House of Representatives will stay virtually unchanged, but a new Governor (regardless of the party) will almost certainly mean some changes in state government. Those changes, however, are unknown at this point.

We will update you as soon as we know more.