House Democrats Appoint Chairs

The Washington House Democratic Caucus appointed committee structures and  the Chairs and Vice Chairs for the upcoming 2013 legislative session.

Higher Education

Representative Larry Seaquist will remain chair of Higher Education, but former Vice Chair, Reuven Carlyle, will step down from this position to chair the newly formed Finance committee. Taking his place as Vice Chair is Gerry Pollett (Seattle). Pollett has served on the higher education committee during the 2012 legislative session.

Higher Education will have a bit of a different makeup as well. Several members will stay on, but a slew of new members have been appointed. Those to remain are Representative’s Seaquist, Pollett, Reykdal, Wylie, and Sells. New members include veteran Representative’s Drew Hansen and Jamie Pedersen, and newly elected Representative’s Marcus Riccelli, David Sawyer and  Gael Tarleton


Representative Ross Hunter (Bellevue) will remain chair of the powerful  budget committee, while Timm Ormsby (Spokane) will remain as Vice Chair. The budget committee, formally known as Ways & Means, has undergone a name change and will now by known as “Appropriations.”  Additionally, Hans Dunshee (Everett) will remain as Chair of Capital Budget.

See below for a complete list of Committees:

Policy Committees

  • Agriculture and Natural Resources: Rep. Brian Blake (Aberdeen), chair; Rep. Kris Lytton (Anacortes), vice-chair
  • Business and Financial Services: Rep. Steve Kirby (Tacoma), chair; Rep. Cindy Ryu (Shoreline), vice-chair
  • Community Development, Housing, and Tribal Affairs: Rep. John McCoy (Tulalip), chair; Rep. Sherry Appleton (Poulsbo), vice-chair
  • Early Learning and Human Services: Rep. Ruth Kagi (Lake Forest Park), chair; Rep. Roger Freeman (Federal Way), vice-chair
  • Education: Rep. Sharon Santos (Seattle), chair; Rep. Monica Stonier (Vancouver), vice-chair
  • Environment: Rep. Dave Upthegrove (Des Moines), chair; Rep. John McCoy (Tulalip), vice-chair
  • Government Accountability and Oversight: Rep. Chris Hurst (Enumclaw), chair; Rep. Sharon Wylie (Vancouver), vice-chair
  • Government Operations and Elections: Rep. Sam Hunt (Olympia), chair; Rep. Steve Bergquist (Renton), vice-chair
  • Health Care and Wellness: Rep. Eileen Cody (West Seattle), chair; Rep. Laurie Jinkins (Tacoma), vice-chair
  • Higher Education: Rep. Larry Seaquist (Gig Harbor), chair; Rep. Gerry Pollet (Seattle), vice-chair
  • Judiciary: Rep. Jamie Pedersen (Seattle), chair; Rep. Drew Hansen (Bainbridge Island), vice-chair
  • Labor and Workforce Development: Rep. Mike Sells (Everett), chair; Rep. Chris Reykdahl (Olympia), vice-chair
  • Local Government: Rep. Dean Takko (Longview), chair; Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon (Burien), vice-chair
  • Public Safety: Rep. Roger Goodman (Kirkland), chair; Rep. Mary Helen Roberts (Lynnwood), vice-chair
  • Technology and Economic Development: Rep. Jeff Morris (Mount Vernon), chair; Rep. Cyrus Habib (Bellevue), vice-chair

Fiscal Committees

  • Appropriations: Rep. Ross Hunter (Medina), chair; Rep. Timm Ormsby (Spokane), vice-chair
  • Capital Budget: Rep. Hans Dunshee (Snohomish), chair; Rep. Derek Stanford (Bothell), vice-chair
  • Finance: Rep. Reuven Carlyle (Seattle), chair; Rep. Steve Tharinger (Sequim), vice-chair
  • Transportation: Rep. Judy Clibborn (Mercer Island), chair; Rep. Jake Fey (Tacoma), vice-chair; Rep. Marko Liias (Edmonds), vice-chair; Rep. Luis Moscoso (Mountlake Terrace), vice-chair
  • Appropriations Subcommittee on Education: Rep. Kathy Haigh (Shelton), chair
  • Appropriations Subcommittee on General Government: Rep. Zack Hudgins (Tukwila), chair
  • Appropriations Subcommittee on health and Human Services: Rep. Dawn Morrell (Puyallup), chair