House Republican’s Announce Committee Membership

The House Republican’s appointed members to committees earlier this week. On the higher education committee Representative Larry Haler will remain the Ranking Minority Member while Representative Hans Zeiger will assume the role of Assistant Ranking member. Additionally, Representative Susan Fagan will reprise her role on the committee. A slew of new members, however, will be welcomed. These members include, current Representative’s Mark Hargrove, Norm Johnson, Maureen Walsh and Norma Smith and newly elected members, Chad Magendanz and Elizabeth Scott.

Representative Gary Alexander will remain the Ranking on Appropriations, while Bruce Chandler and JT Wilcox (Yelm)will serve as Ranking members.  Additionally, while Higher Education will lose Representative Judy Warnick, she will continue to serve as Ranking on the Capital Budget committee.

For a full list of committee membership click here.