Senate Higher Education Committee Confirms Trustees

Yesterday the Senate Higher Education Committee held a public hearing to meet and confirm trustees and regents for the public baccalaureate institutions.

The Senate Higher Education Committee is responsible for moving trustees and regents, nominated by the Governor for Washington higher education related boards, forward to the full Senate for consideration.  

Trustees and regents from all six public baccalaureates were present including David Nicandri and Erin Harms for Evergreen. The trustees and regents were asked to provide the committee with a brief summary of their background and to answer two questions – Why do you want to serve on the board? and What do you hope to accomplish as a board member?

Harms and Nicandri both talked about their passion for higher education and their commitment to the liberal arts.

The committee unanimously moved both Harms and Nicandri to the full Senate for confirmation.

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