Governor Inslee Signs Biennial Capital Budget

This afternoon Governor Inslee signed into law the 2013-15 biennial capital budget (SB 5035) with a single veto.

The Governor vetoed language that would require the Superintendent of Public Instruction to create an interagency agreement with Evergreen’s Washington State Institute for Public Policy to analyze the relationship between school design and student performance and to develop recommendations for the school construction assistance program.

The language was vetoed based on the reasoning that it was deemed overly broad and an unnecessary expense.

The biennial capital budget signed by the Governor provides $15.280 million for Evergreen’s capital program.

Over the next biennium Evergreen receives funding for three projects: (1) Science Lab I – Basement Renovation ($1.805 million), (2) Science Lab II – Second Floor Renovation ($4.694 million), and (3) Lecture Hall Renovation – Design ($1.308 million).

In addition the budget includes funding for minor works preservation and preventative maintenance.

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