Governor Inslee Releases Supplemental Budgets

Today Governor Inslee released a proposed 2014 Supplemental Operating and Capital budget.

The Governor’s  proposal would boost the state’s $33.6 billion dollar budget by approximately $200 million. The majority of the increase goes to maintaining current services. The major changes to maintenance level include mandatory caseload and K-12 enrollment adjustments, College Bound Scholarship program adjustments, and funds to cover wildlife costs, prison capacity problems, and a legal settlement requiring the state to significantly expand mental health services for children.

The budget also makes a handful of investments across state programs.

Higher Education

The supplemental budget proposed by Governor Inslee supports the investment made in higher education in the 2013-15 biennial budget.

The budget makes a handful of investments in higher education including $7.2 million to accommodate higher costs for the College Bound Scholarship program and $1 million to support advanced manufacturing programs and research at the University of Washington and Washington State University.

The budget also maintains the ability for public baccalaureate institutions to raise tuition beyond appropriated tuition levels for the 2014-15 academic year. The budget includes clarifying language that underscores the requirement that institutions that raise tuition beyond appropriated levels must mitigate the impact to students with additional financial aid.

Capital Budget

The Governor also proposed a supplemental capital budget for higher education. The Governor provided funding for a small number of projects across higher education. This includes authority for Evergreen to enter into a certificate of participation to purchase the existing facility in Tacoma for the College’s Tacoma program; $2 million to remove, clean and dispose of two underground diesel oil tanks at Central Washington University; and $5 million to renovate the Carver Academic Center at Western Washington University.

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