Download “Olympia Winter Nights Season One” Live Album – Over 2 hours of music.

Now you can enjoy Olympia Winter Nights :: Season One :: 2011 on your iPOD or your Mp3 player.  Click Here to Download!

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O.W.N. DVD/Blu-Ray to be Released June 6th at the Dog Dreams Premiere!

Hello OWN Followers,

Things have been busy at Evergreen, and the Olympia Winter Nights hit a few speed bumps as we entered the final stages of creating the DVD and Blu-Ray. As a result we missed the hopefully release date of June 4th, at the ESMP Release Party, but never fear. Things have been fixed and I am happy to announce that both the DVD and Blu-Ray will be finished and ready for Monday nights screening of Dog Dreams at the Capitol Theater in downtown Olympia at 9pm. That’s right, Monday June 6th 9pm drop by the Capitol Theater to watch Dog Dreams and pick up a copy of the OWN DVD.

The DVD is free for anyone who would like one, the Blu-Ray has a recommended donation of $5, to help pay for the cost of printing and materials. Supplies are limited so don’t be late!

I will also keep a handful of DVDs and a couple Blu-Rays on hand at the Electronic Media front desk, for anyone who wants one and isn’t able to make it to the screening. If there are any copies left they will be on hand at the second screening of Dog Dreams at the Evergreen State College Recital Hall at 8pm.


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Whats Happening with O.W.N.?

Hello folks,

Its been a long time since the last post, too long. I wanted to give our fans an update on what is going on with Olympia Winter Nights and whats to come. Currently I am hard at work on the Olympia Winter Nights DVD. This will be a compilation DVD featuring songs from each of the artists. Currently the estimated run time is roughly 2 hours, but nothing has been finalized just yet.

In addition to the songs there will be a few extra goodies on the DVD, including a few behind the scenes photographs, videos, and the flyers from the shows. This will be a must have for any O.W.N. or local music fan.

The tentative release date is no later then June 7th. My goal is to have the DVD released to the public before then. As for where you may find a copy of the DVD, that has not yet been determined. We are in talks with the Evergreen Student Music Project about paring the DVD with this years album, but nothing has been set in stone just  yet. As soon as a decision has been made about where, when, and how you can get your hands on O.W.N. I will make a post.

That is all the Olympia Winter Nights related information. If you are intersted as to what the Interns are doing now, well lots of cool things are being produced. Matt, Steven, Loie, Scott, Evan, and Briana are creating a short film currently titled Dog Dreams. Briana is also working on doing a live performance in the greater Olympia area. Taylor a Max/MSP/Jitter expert is currently working on creating an installation art piece to be displayed on Evergreen’s campus. If you are intersted in any of these projects just hit the “Contact” button or stay tuned to the blog, I’ll post when more information regarding these projects comes available.

Until then, you stay classy Olympia.


P.S. I dont think this photo was ever posted on the front page, so enjoy!

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O.W.N. Season One DVD

Breaking News!

More details to come.

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Episode Four Clips

Here are some short clips from the season finale of Olympia Winter Nights. The full episode can be found on the episodes page.

Alternate Realities – Briana Marela

An Energy So Great – Briana Marela

Forest Fire – Briana Marela

Mysterio – Jungle Boss

Pettin’ – Jungle Boss

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