Oct 15

First Week

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I have never spent much time experimenting with either 3D modeling or printing, so this first week has been very interesting for me. With the assumption that 3D modeling was a convoluted and difficult process, I had always stayed away from it, but using Tinkercad, I found the act of creation to be intuitive and fulfilling. Even when its existence was solely on the screen, I wasn’t impressed with my coin, and in the process of printing it fell even further away from the aspirations I had for it, but the fact I was able to produce anything at all was very encouraging.

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  1. kucemi27
    6:20 pm - 10-15-2014

    wow, so unique
    great read

    • lamoti01
      6:20 pm - 10-15-2014

      thanks em! glad you liked it!

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