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Terroir is more than just a marketing ploy, it encompasses all of the beautiful aspects of a unique food. Terroir includes the factors that influence the unique taste of place. These include culture, climate, and geology.


After tasting many different teas with many different backgrounds of soil, climate, terrain, production, culture, history and industry I have found that terroir has an incredible impact on tea. For example, the Su Ji Chun was cultivated in Nantou, Taiwan from a strain of tieGuanYin and thrives in the mid elevation. Along with being lightly oxidized it gives the tea a floral rosey or jasmine aroma with a very light tan coloration but when taking the first sip the tea it gives you a nutty almond flavor with the hint of floral jasmine as you swallow. I believe these flavors, colors and aromas all have been affected by the terroir of this tea, shaping its flavor and presentation.