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Results from the 2015-2018 Bush Excavations: Results and Databases

This is an open-source database of the results of The Evergreen State College three seasons of excavations at the Bush Homestead. Please cite properly if you choose to use these results. Inquiries on how to cite can be directed to ulrikek@evergreen.edu.

2018 DAHP Report: Bush_Full_2015-2018_small

2018 Diagnostic Artifact Database: Bush2018_Artifact_DB_Diagnostic

2016 DAHP Report: BUSH2016REPORTFULL 2

2016 Diagnostic Artifact Database: Bush2016_Artifact_DB_ Diagnostic_Special Finds

2015 DAHP Report:  BUSH2015Reportsmall-1

2015 Diagnostic Artifact Database: BUSH2015Reportsmall-1 Bush2015_Artifacts_DB_Diagnostic_Special Finds