Water and Sun

by Frederick Tabbutt and Jeffrey Kovac

is a textbook with accompanying video-based experiments and exercises,

which, by a novel approach, provides both

an introduction to environmental chemistry as well as

an introduction to “majors” chemistry.

This blog provides: an explanation of the concept that the text is based upon, what prompted its conception, a description of its content and form, an outline of the text and interactive videosthe response from publishers and studentsand ultimate factors in its distribution and use.  For those who are interested, there is provision to contact the authors to obtain samples of it for examination.  Click on a topic in the top bar to access it.

In 2010 Jeffrey Kovac, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Tennessee, who was Textbook Editor for The Journal of Chemical Education, became a coauthor and updated the entire text and is now providing contacts with publishers.  He has a bachelor’s degree from Reed College, a doctorate from Yale and two years of postdoctoral research at MIT.  In April 2013 he received an award for his contributions to STEM(science, technology, engineering and mathematics) by serving as the Director of the Tennessee Governor’s School for Science and Engineering at the Tennessee Science Olympiad State Tournament.

Finally, all income from the text and interactive video will go into a Tabbutt Scholarship fund at The Evergreen State College.