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Project Description

1)  Content:
After enduring four weeks of my theme project last quarter of “Are you watching the Food? Or is the Food watching you?”, which was for me to get inside a refrigerator and take pictures of people just everyday causally looking for something to eat. I’ve decided to continue this idea but more on a personal level, I really wanted to expand the idea to just people doing everyday activities by themselves, something’s that they wouldn’t do around friends, family, etc. I got the idea from a photographer Shizuka Yokomizo in fall quarter who would ask random people to stand outside their window for ten minutes and take pictures of them, I feel this is the ultimate way of people letting their guard down; I really wanted to explore this idea more. I want to view my subjects through the clothes hanging in their closets, the windows that are in their home, the loneliness of eating food, the aftermath of hard partying at night, etc.

2) Learning Aims
I plan to work with one college students per week or two at the most to have an idea of their weekly life, this would help me have a main focus for that persons daily life and/or routine, from going to class on Monday, to hanging with friends Wednesday, to going out or being alone reading a book Friday. I intend to have half my work to focus on the subject just doing their own thing while I tag along and be a personal shadow and have some set up pictures for different types of scenes that they feel comfortable with, I don’t intend to make up scenes that do not fit with their lives, but rather a clearer idea about how they feel in certain situations and how they interact with those situations.

3) Readings
Title: As I See It, Author: John Loengard, Publication: Oct,18th,2005
This book would help my progress of really focusing on one subject (person) and how to become more comfortable shooting pictures in public rather than having to set up pictures. John Loengard has a successful career shooting famous people and the average everyday person. It’s his career bio that sums up a 50 year career, and his work with LIFE magazine.

Title: On Photography, Author: Susan Sontag, Publication: Aug,25th,2001
The book is about the meaning of pictures and the photographers who took them. This book would help me it promises thoughts and ideas on how to be original, the meaning and progressiveness on how photos can take a certain affect on people in different ways than others. This book would help me take different angles, meanings, ideas, and the dangers of shooting fanatic and different type of pictures.

Title: Street Photography Now, Author: Sophie Howarth, Publication: Jan,2nd,2012
This book is about inspiring photographer it’s great to hear ideas, thoughts,  issues, etc from veteran photographers. I feel it would give me a different insights on how I should progress my work when going outside the boundaries and exploring someone else’s life. The book is about essays from 46 different street photographers.

4) Article

5) Form
I plan to continue using a 35mm camera, I intend to buy a smaller flash film camera for situations that involve being outside especially at night, I will process all my film with the continuation of color film to bring my photos to life. I intend to stay away from digital photography, to really test myself and my work. I intend to write and share my experience through our blog or website at the end each week. I feel several pictures a week and a couple of paragraphs would shed some light on how this person lives and my experience working with them.

7) Production
I hope to have the view of someone else’s life through a lens, this tells a story of different individuals that you just see on any given day. This assignment will also test me as I will be hanging around my subject, asking them to give me 110% of themselves as I take photographs of their lives. I hope to have photos of my subjects with Insight views of their daily routines, with a review of our work together I plan to take a deeper dive into some individuals that have different views on their lives.

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