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On Photography – Book Review

On photography written by Susan Sontag is a very interesting and fresh take on photography. It seems that every sentence had it’s own meaning, giving you the reader a different thought about how society works, politics, history, and how all these things come together because of a camera lens. “To collect photographs is to collect the world” she says, her analysis on how  photography is part of the past, present, and future, as we can forever come back to the events of the past just by looking at a picture, it captures a moment being a biography of the past. Overall a beautiful picture is to be determine by the photographer, deciding the value of the picture, but the value of the image is forever trapped to be display by few, many or all.

The one thing I find most interesting in the book is the conversation between photography and painting. “Photography was painting’s mortal enemy” I find paintings to be great also but only captures what the artists is expressing then that’s it, while photography can give you a brief history of that moment captured saying “yes this did happen” its proof that sums up a picture. It’s a image that has life forever captured.

I would suggest to you that you would take your time reading this book as every sentence feels like something you should write down, you can find yourself a little lost on the history of different photographers and events she brings up, it can sometimes make you want to throw the book out the window. Overall I enjoyed the book, recommend to my classmates.



“You can’t simply your life by consuming”

– Sarah


Recently discovered today that Media Loan has flashes for 35mm cameras.

Late Review: Tacoma Art Museum Review

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013. Grace and I took our journey to the Tacoma Art Museum where they’re showcasing  “Beyond Books: The Independent Art of Eric Carle”. Eric Carle is known for writing children’s books such as ” Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”, “Have You Seen My Cat?” and most famously “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, including those books he has written over 70 books.

First entering the museum it had a crisp, clean, cut feel to it, what really caught me and Grace’s attention at first was the huge display of giant colorful marbles in the center of the walk way as you advance to see other paintings and such. We first we were introduced to Eric Carle’s works which were books, giant paintings, even cut out characters from his books, all Eric’s paintings are extremely colorful and a little over whelming, having you think “I wonder how long it took to paint this thing?”. As we made our way up stairs we had the chance to see others artists works from paintings to sketches, etc. It’s very nice to see a variety of work from people all over the world, expressions, emotions, passion it seemed fill the place.

I had a fun time at the museum, I only wish that it had more to show as we made our way to the top it was just workshops, and stores. Either than that I enjoy my visit to the museum and recommend to my fellow classmates.

Subject #3 – Rio Do


My visit to a museum didn’t fall through, so if your going to one today or tomorrow and wouldn’t mind me tagging along, please let me know!!.

Subject #2 – Brandon Fortner


I think it would be wise for me to make a Flicker,
Also I think it would be better to print the Pictures out in PhotoLand than scan them for a sharper and colorful image.

Subject #1 – Aaron Scafe

Weekly Update #1&2

Starting off my project of following someone around through there everyday lives, my first subject was my roommate Aaron Scafe. I started off the week following him around campus before he had set up a driving session with a friend so he could learn how to drive for the upcoming summer. It was a very scary and a nice moment as he finally hits the road with the everyday community of drivers, testing his skills, but yet terrifying because hes very new to driving which results in him not being use to turning corners, knowing the speed limit and having some close encounters of side swiping other cars, the moment that really cap it off was the opportunity to hit the free way (which I talked him out of) but either way it was a very good session for him.

Later that week he proceed to go to the field with other friend of his to enjoy the sun, this event involved going to the soccer field, watching the soccer players practice while enjoying a nice smoke and playing his ukulele. It was nice to get outside for a nice shoot of pictures while enjoying the sun, I also learned that it’s better for your subject to face the sun when taking pictures not turned the other way. Later that day he got a dramatic hair cut, which changed his appearance saying”It’s time to get rid of it”. Not really hesitant or thinking about it he just wanted all his hair cut off. I was shocked he just went with instinct instead of thinking over how this hair cut could effect him in the long run.

I ended my session with subject #1 Wednesday Apr 17th and moving on to Subject #2, Brandon Fortner, who I will continuing  shooting until next Friday.