Scissors: Excited for the Class Trip and I need to own 60 Manga now…

Not really sure what to put here other than I’m excited for the class trip.

I missed the last one to Tacoma because I was coughing up my lungs sick and didn’t want anyone else to feel that way.

It has been about five years since my one and only trip to Seattle’s International district. I’m curious to see what has changed.

I am looking forward to shopping and picking out ingredients for the potluck.

I want to make miso soup from the recipe my dad got me from Dubai from the restaurant owner of “Sushi, Sushi”, who is Japanese from Japan. So the recipe is an example of a cultural crosscurrent, as the ingredients are modified for making it in Dubai and not Japan. And it still tastes good.

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Paper: The Finger and the Moon

The film we watched on Monday “Birth of the Dragon”, unfortunately, was my first time watching a movie about Bruce Lee.

I just hadn’t gotten around to the kung fu movie genre, I don’t have any real reason, but I wish I had seen something more than “Kung Fu Panda”, “The Adventures of Jackie Chan”, “The Karate Kid” (old and new) and “The Matrix” as far as martial arts type media goes. If I wanted to really stretch it I would put down “Star Wars” because the lightsaber forms are based on a mix of different Japanese swordsmanship techniques.

I’ve taken judo and have learn bits and pieces from a classmate in high school about kendo, so not just anime and manga, but as for martial arts movies, yeah, the new “The Karate Kid” is as close as it comes for me…

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Rock: Final Draft, Final Thoughts

So, I’m editing the final draft of my final paper, and besides the usual formatting, grammar, spelling and all that, I keep coming across the “one last thing” issue. When I decided to do my paper on otaku culture, I had one idea in mind on how it would turn out. To me I thought it was going to be this, I don’t know, decorative narrative of anime and manga culture, how it fit into my life and why it wasn’t what people thought it was.

It turned out, that it wasn’t what I thought it was either, in a good way. Just the research alone for my project pushed me to expand past what I knew to be otaku culture. I mean, anime and manga helped bring me out of isolation back where I was from, and here it has helped me push the boundaries I had kept for myself for so long.

Like, religion and spirituality. Nothing in particular, just not being fearful to actually learn about and actually understand other cultures beliefs without that colonial fog in the way. And not just in the scope of my own project with Shinto and folklore such as yōkai, I already lean more toward Buddhist practices personally, but in this class.

If I hadn’t taken this class, I don’t know if I would have thought on my own to view the beliefs, I’m using the term broadly, that before were always presented to me as false or wrong in the church I was made to go to growing, to view them as true. Not just acknowledge that others have different beliefs but comprehend and, I don’t know what word to use but, that feeling, that thought where you go, I get it. What this person or group or culture, what they think and feel and believe is just as real, maybe even more real, and just as important as what I think and feel and belief.

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