Thierry de DuveHistorian and philosopher of art,Thierry de Duve, is Professor emeritus from the University of Lille 3, and was Kirk Varnedoe Visiting Professor at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, for the fall semester of 2013. His English publications include Pictorial Nominalism (1991), Kant after Duchamp (1996), Clement Greenberg Between the Lines (1996, 2010), Look—100 Years of Contemporary Art (2001), and Sewn In the Sweatshops of Marx: Beuys, Warhol, Klein, Duchamp (2012). He is presently finishing a book of essays on aesthetics, forthcoming from the University of Chicago Press.

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Amaranth & AndyAmaranth Borsuk is the author of Handiwork (Slope Editions, 2012), and, with Brad Bouse, Between Page and Screen (Siglio Press, 2012). Abra, a collaboration with Kate Durbin forthcoming from 1913 Press, recently received an NEA-sponsored Expanded Artists’ Books grant from the Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago and will be issued in 2014 as an artist’s book and iPad app created by Ian Hatcher. Her collaborative digital projects include an erasure bookmarklet, The Deletionist, with Nick Montfort and Jesper Juul, and Whispering Galleries, a site-specific LeapMotion erasure work for the city of New Haven. Another collection of poems is forthcoming from Kore Press. Amaranth is an Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington, Bothell, where she also teaches in the MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics.

Andy Fitch’s most recent books are Sixty Morning Talks and (with Amaranth Borsuk) As We Know. Ugly Duckling soon will release his Sixty Morning Walks and Sixty Morning Wlaks. He recently published a critical book, Pop Poetics: Reframing Joe Brainard, with Dalkey Archive Press. With Cristiana Baik, he is currently assembling the Letter Machine Book of Interviews. He has a collaborative book forthcoming from 1913 Press. He is a founder of The Conversant and currently edits Essay Press. He teaches in the University of Wyoming’s MFA program.

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Alex Swiftwater McCarty: Wednesday, January 14th, 11:30-1:00 pm in Lecture Hall 1

Alex McCarty working




Makah artist, Alex McCarty, is the great-grandson of Hishka, who was chief of the Waatch village, one of the five villages in Neah Bay, Washington.  Alex is a carver, painter, printmaker and teacher.   Alex earned his Bachelor in Visual Arts and Social Studies from The Evergreen State College in 2000.  In 2002, he obtained his Master in Teaching degree from The Evergreen State College.  Following his Masters, he was the Art/Carving Teacher at Chief Leschi Schools in Puyallup, Washington for several years.
Alex is currently teaching woodcarving in a full year program at Evergreen titled “Studio Projects: Tradition and Innovation.”  His work is being showcased in the library; his carvings and prints, and other traditional style art pieces can be found in display cases within the library.  Photographs of McCarty and his students by Briana Martini can be found on the staircase leading up to the 3rd floor of the library.
Alex is a young carver with great respect for older carving traditions.  His interest in Makah carving traditions and culture was triggered in high school, when he was asked to work on a diorama of the Ozette Village for the Makah Museum.  Working on the project over a nine-month period, Alex had a chance to look deeply into the past.  Part of his preparation for making the miniature model was to visit the landforms at the site, and to become familiar with the collection of artifacts housed at the museum.  It was Alex’s job to understand everything he could about everyday life at the village, and this helped to create his passion for history.
Through carving, Alex seeks to preserve cultural traditions that he can trace back through time. By observing the pieces from Ozette, as well as other classic West Coast carvings, he discerns “prevalent form-lines,” which characterize the Makah tradition.  He works hard at understanding the essence of his heritage, and sees his own work as a preservation and interpretation of this older style.  Alex is driven to understand the past in his quest to develop his carving.  He observes that “you need to ‘get’ something before you can preserve it.”
Throughout his work, Alex strives to incorporate flowing, bold-line designs that he feels are so characteristic of classic West Coast artwork. It is important to him that his work is done well, and that his designs work from different perspectives. As a teacher, he makes the analogy that we need “to see things through multiple perspectives-the way that other people see things” in order to gain a deeper understanding of the world.
While Alex’s work is in demand, often commissioned by galleries or individual collectors, he sees his work as providing more in his life than just income.  He values teaching and learning from other artists, and advises people to seek out learning opportunities such as the one he had at Ozette, which he sees as an under-utilized resource.  Perhaps his approach to his carving tradition can be summarized in this way: “learn it with care, preserve it with beauty, and pass it on.”


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Welcome to the The Evergreen State College Art Lecture Series, winter quarter 2015

The series takes place in Lecture Hall 1 at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, on 4-6 Wednesdays per quarter, from 11:30-1:00 pm. Free to the public, Evergreen’s visual and literary arts programs offer an opportunity to hear local, national and international interdisciplinary artists, writers and art workers speak about their work.

Week 2, Janurary 14 Alexander McCarty, visual art

Week 3, January 21  Amaranth Borsuk and Andy Fitch, writing

Week 5, February 4  Thierry de Duve, Evans Scholar, art historian and theorist

Week 6, February 11 Allison Cobb, writing

Week 7, February 18 MK Guth, visual art

Week 9,  March 4 Johanna Gosse, art history, media studies

The Art Lecture Series is facilitated by Shaw Osha,
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Petition  to place The Evergreen Gallery back onto The Evergreen State College’s state operating budget. Please let the college know how important the gallery is to our curriculum and what it can offer to the intellectual and cultural life on campus and to the rest of Olympia.

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Ben Russell: Wednesday, November 19th, 11:30-1:00pm in Lecture Hall 1

Ben Russell pic

 Ben Russell is a media artist and curator whose films, installations, and performances foster a deep engagement with the history and semiotics of the moving image. Formal investigations of the historical and conceptual relationships between early cinema, documentary practices, and structuralist filmmaking result in immersive experiences concerned at once with ritual, communal spectatorship and the pursuit of a “psychedelic ethnography.”


A 2008 Guggenheim Fellowship and 2010 FIPRESCI award recipient, Ben has had solo screenings and exhibitions at the Centre Georges Pompidou, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, the Rotterdam Film Festival, the Wexner Center for the Arts, the Viennale, and the Museum of Modern Art.  He began the Magic Lantern screening series in Providence, Rhode Island, was co-director of the artist-run space BEN RUSSELL in Chicago, IL, has toured worldwide with film/ video/ performance programs and was named by Cinemascope in 2012 as one of the “50 Best Filmmakers Under 50.”  Ben lives between Los Angeles and Paris, France.

Ben’s most recent, co-directed feature – A SPELL TO WARD OFF THE DARKNESS - is screening on Friday, November 14th at the Olympia Film Festival in downtown Olympia, at 4:45 pm.

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imagesGretchen Bennett: Wednesday, November 5th, 11:30-1:00 pm in Lecture Hall 1

Gretchen Frances Bennett was selected to receive a Special Recognition Award for Betty Bowen. 2014. Also in 2014, she completed postgraduate studies with the Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier, Vermont. In 2012, her work was included in exhibitions at Ditch Projects, Springfield, Oregon and The Hedreen Gallery, Seattle University. In 2011, she developed a temporary work for the Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park, presented a solo show at Vignettes, Seattle, and her work was featured in the exhibition Heel Gezellig, Grimm Gallery, Amsterdam. She was awarded a residency with The Corporation of Yaddo in 2011. In 2010, she won a Lower Manhattan Cultural Council residency on Governors Island, New York, and a studio residency with The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, Reykjavik, Iceland. Her work was included in the 2010 Seattle Art Museum exhibition, Kurt. She helped found the arts collective, Seattle Catalog LLC (Sea-Cat). She teaches at Seattle University.

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Dan Attoe: Wednesday, October 22nd, 11:30-1:00 pm in Lecture Hall 1


Dan Attoe was born in 1975 in Bremerton, Washington.  He grew up in parts of Washingon, Idaho, Minnesota and Wisconsin, and now lives in Washougal, Washington.  He received his BFA from the University of Wisconsin in ’98 and his MFA from the University of Iowa in ’04. Dan is represented by Peres Projects Berlin, Western Exhibitions in Chicago and Fourteen30 Contemporary in Portland, Oregon.  He has had several solo shows in Los Angeles, Chicago and Berlin, as well as several throughout Europe.

His most recent gallery solo shows were Landscapes with Water, at Peres Projects in Berlin in March 2014, and Dan Attoe at 1430 Contemporary in Portland in May 2014.  Dan has been in numerous group shows in galleries all over the world and several museums – including the Portland Art Museum.  He worked with and was part of the inspiration for a line of clothing by fashion designer Adam Kimmel in 2011.  Dan is also one of the founders of the art collaborative Paintallica whose most recent installation was at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. He enjoys the beauty and the culture in the Northwest and Portland where he sometimes teaches courses at Portland State University.


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Emily Abendroth: Wednesday, October 15th, 11:30-1:00 pm in Lecture Hall 1

Headshot PicEmily Abendroth is a poet, teacher and anti-prison activist. Much of her creative work attempts to investigate state regimes of force and power, as well as individual and collective resistance strategies to the same. Her poetry book, ]Exclosures[, was just released from AEmily AbendrothPress this May. Her works are often published in limited edition, handcrafted chapbooks by small and micropresses such as Belladonna (New York), Horse Less Press (Denver), Little Red Leaves (Texas), Albion Press (Philadelphia), and Zumbar Press (San Francisco). She is an active organizer with Decarcerate PA (a grassroots campaign working to end mass incarceration in Pennsylvania) and is co-founder of Address This! (an education and empowerment project that provides innovative, social justice correspondence courses to individuals incarcerated in Pennsylvania).

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Deidi von Schaewen: Wednesday, October 8, 11:30-1:00 pm in Lecture Hall 1

von-Schaewen-tree-2 For the past 28 years, Deidi von Schaewen has traveled in India, immersing herself in its people and culture, and exploring themes through her photography and video.  For her series on the Sacred Trees, she traveled the length and breadth of India.  The exhibition in Evergreen Gallery is an opportunity to view these lush, complex images in large-scale, to be surrounded by their energy and power.Born in Berlin, von Schaewen studied painting at the Berlin Academy of Arts before deciding to concentrate on photography and film.  Currently she is based in Paris.  She has exhibited extensively throughout Europe, India, North Africa, and the US.  Twenty books of her photographs have been published, with one about Sacred Trees of India due out next year.  A continuing obsession of hers is to capture on film the ephemeral, aspects of our urban and rural civilizations that are temporary, fleeting, or vanishing with time.  For the Sacred Trees of India, it is more a revelation of devotion and accumulation over time, the ability of trees to survive, rejuvenate, transform – in India, trees are not only sacred to the gods, they can actually BE gods.

Evergreen Gallery is extremely pleased to announce the fall exhibition, Sacred Trees of India: Photographs by Deidi von Schaewen.  The exhibition in Evergreen Gallery is an opportunity to view these lush, complex images in large-scale, to be surrounded by their energy and power.

Von Schaewen was director of photography for a feature film by Robert Cordier in 1972 – a time when it was unusual for a woman to be in that position.  She continued as director of photography on other films, and in 1978 she began writing and directing her own films.  One of her films, Sravanabelgola, will be showing in Evergreen Gallery as part of the exhibition.

Opening Wed. Oct. 8, 5-7pm
Exhibition continues through Dec. 3

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