Jennifer Combe: Wednesday, June1, 11:30-1:00, Lecture Hall 1

Jennifer Combe is an Evergreen alum, artist and teacher. She graduated from Evergreen with both a Master in Teaching with a focus on art education in 1997, and in 1995, a Bachelor of Arts focused on anti-bias education, cultural studies, and art. In 2009 she earned a Master in Fine Art from The Vermont College of Fine Arts.

“Over the past fourteen years, I’ve engaged in an art practice investigating the cultural contexts of how meaning is derived from mark making both on the canvas and in the classroom. When I began with that first class of bright-eyed five and six year olds I compartmentalized these two acts. This was partially a knee-jerk defense to protect my studio practice from the monumental heap of work that teaching in a public school has become in this time and place. But now that the first decade of mark making and the teaching of mark making have passed, I take comfort, satisfaction, and find a deep joy in these inseparable acts.”

Her visual work has been exhibited in a range of venues, including galleries, homes, state buildings, restaurants, book stores, LGBTQ festivals, and colleges in Portland, Seattle, Olympia, Montpelier, VT, Salt Lake City, and Missoula, MT.

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