Week 2: Christopher Paul Jordan Wednesday October 3rd 11:30-1pm in Lecture Hall 1

from Christopher

As an artist and community organizer, I construct immersive, interactive installations to connect diaspora communities. I’m interested in media infrastructure and its role in shaping what is knowable. I create portals for displaced peoples to reintegrate our stories across dimensions, devising passageways for us to connect, hear from, and care for one another. I generate art objects as time-capsules to vault these experiences, questions, and memories in the future. My practice deals with continuance, analog internets, rites of passage, the production of history, and the construction of satellites. Painting and sculpture are my prayer language; laced with vestiges of mediation and hearsay; embedded with questions for another time and place.

(b. 1990) Christopher Paul Jordan integrates virtual and physical public space to form infrastructures for dialogue and self-determination among dislocated people. Jordan’s paintings and sculptures are time-capsules from his work in community. His 7000 sqft panoramic mural from #COLORED2017 is now buried into the walls of the Carpenter’s Union Building in Tacoma where it can only be rediscovered through demolition.

Jordan’s installations and public projects have been implemented internationally including Trinidad and Tobago, Taiwan, and Mexico. His work has been recognized by the Neddy Artist Award in painting, the James W Ray Venture Project Award, the Jon Imber Fellowship, the GTCF Foundation of Art Award, and the Artist Trust Fellowship.

Based in Tacoma, WA, USA

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