Psaltriparus minimus

Bushtits are small gray birds with a pale brown cap, pale neck and upper breast, and white wing barring. Their overall body is gray variations with some southern populations having dark masks extending to the nape from the auriculars or supercilium (Raitt, R. (1967)). They have black legs and feet as well as a short black bill. Bushtits are sexually dimorphic (With the exception of eye color) With only a slight difference in weight between them, the average is 5.35 grams (Dunning 1933b). During their month of fledging the female bird’s Iris’ will begin to lighten in color, from a dark brown (belonging to juveniles of both sexes as well as males at any age) to a light colored yellow, white, to creamy color.

Order: Passeriformes

Family: Aegithalidae

Genus: Psaltriparus

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