Order: Gannets
Family: Phalacrocoracidae
Genus: Phalacrocorax
Species: Phalacrocorax pelagicus


Pelagic Cormorant (Phalacrocorax pelagicus) is a large water bird but the smallest of the other species of cormorants.  This species has a slender neck and body with a thin bill.  Pelagic Cormorants have all black bodies when they are young but as they mature, their bodies show a iridescent green color, as well as iridescent purple on their necks.  They have white patches under their wings which can help with identification as they fly.

Both males and females have the same coloring and markings except for during the breeding season. During the breeding season males get a white patch on their rump.

 Pelagic cormorants will be seen nesting on rocky shores by the ocean, or sound.  The build their nests in areas that are very difficult or impossible for predators to get to.  They also tend to prefer to be isolated from all other animals, including their own species, but occasion will be seen nesting together.

Pelagic cormorants hunt under water in the ocean or sound for fish as well as some crustaceans.  Most their hunting occurs near the shore rocks.

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