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Sally Says Thank You, M.A.S!

Sally Says Thank You, M.A.S!

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Fine Cuts Ahoy!

It is amazing that we have come to fine cuts week…it certainly doesn’t seem like an entire academic year has nearly passed. M.A.S. wraps up with a bang at the Capital Theatre in downtown Olympia on June 9 (7PM on…) and all are invited to attend what should be a fascinating and interesting media event with lots of variety, surprises and finesse.

On top of all the flurry of finishing the class will need to get into gear to promote this event. Some of these activities have commenced; others are still to come. We have a trailer running at OFS, Tommy is doing class visits to Mediaworks and Images in Sequence, we have a poster design and a flyer design that will soon be printed and ready for distribution. Sally is meeting with Stephanie Zorn this week to begin planning the projection and tech for the screening. M.A.S. will be providing staffing at the door and in the house but we still have to work out the details.

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An excellent number, hopefully, an excellent week for all my MASsters.  I am away from Olympia, 3500 miles away to be precise.  But on my way back to audtions for Ready Camera 1 starting Monday.  And of course to meetings and whatever I can do for Media Artist Studio.

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Short and Sweet

26 minute cut done for Wild Water Women Reunited film. Waiting for input from my collaborator and then, a sound mastering session with Mr. Randlette. Web design on its way for Evergreen Visual History Collection. Scampering around getting stuff together for Ready Camera One! And then there are meetings about the college budget.

And airdales to play with..


Yup, that’s Lynda and Frida. Bonus for the week.

Don’t forget to have some fun.

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Week 5 Yikes!

I have been busy:  mostly on EVHA work.  Helping Jin Darney with her podcast and editing her slide piece on the Vancouver program.  Editing with Llyn on a new and improved 30 minute cut of Wild Water Women Reunited.

This piece is becoming much more complicated and more fun.  Something that I thought was just a “home movie” actually is turning into an important archival document and a decent little film.  Lots more to do:  editing still is incomplete, end credits are nonexistent, sound is a mess.  You get the drift.

I have been worrying too much about the Visual History Archive web presence.  Too much worry, too little results.  It will come together.

Good rough cuts today…lots of progress and lots of hard work ahead for M.A.S.

And so what else is new?

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