Ammo Jewelry

CraftAlley with Madeline Green and Ammo Jewelry. Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Like many after a vacationing trip to Cambodia, Madeline Green fell in love with the people, country and town of Siem Reap. She was introduced and began working under the local enterprise SaoMao, a company that has been established for over ten years and teaching locals the skills needed for fine metal working. Green who has a degree in Jewelry, then with the help under SaoMao, opened her own studio under the Ammo, where they expanded upon the bullet designed jewelry concept of reusing fired rounds from the recent conflict and genocide of the Khmer Rouge. Since 2014 Mdeline has been training locals as apprentices, where Ammo is the store front, the jewelers are taught the principles of jewelry design and production. Not only do they get help in seeing their own designs come to fruition but also along side a salary they gain a commission as well. This how ever is not the end goal for Craft Siem Reap and Ammo Jewelry, but the long term is to one day be able to hand it over to the locals who wish to carry on the beginning idles of training up apprentices. That way it becomes a local based project, giving more back to thew community by teaching others. I had the chance to sit down with Madeline, and talk, about starting a business, jewelry, and outside models used by NGO’s and idealistic groups unfamiliar to areas they hope to “help”.


Photos from; ammo jewellery home website.

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