Birth Assistance and Kauai Terroir

Sophie's ComAlt Field Study- Spring Quarter 2017

Cream Apples, Mountain Apples, Apple Bananas, Oh My!

With such diverse shapes, colors, and flavors, the fruits of Kauai are an avant-garde chef’s dream. Get a taste of Kauai Terroir below- the password is ‘terroir’

Community Doula/Preconception Course Outline

–Coming Soon–

How Water Heals

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Answers to your questions about doulas What is a doula? A doula is someone who provides unconditional assistance and support to a person during major life transitions and events- primarily during the childbearing year. There are also abortion doulas, death… Continue Reading →

Must-See Coffee Cafes in East Kauai

These cafes provide a pathway to the taste of kauai through coffee and food alike. Check out my Instagram @wildrootdoula for photo-bios of these places, soon to be featured in a mini-documentary on Kauai Terroir! Name of Cafe Address Resourceful… Continue Reading →

The Privilege of Self-Care

–Coming Soon–

Coffee and Philosophy

A revised perspective on coffee and philosophy inspired by the 2015-16 Evergreen program, Terroir: Chocolate, Oysters, and Other Place Flavored Foods. The majority of our modern day experience with coffee is the on-the-go cup of joe. But when you have… Continue Reading →

Project Introduction

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. I’m Sophie, a student, nanny, surfer, writer, thinker, gardener, beekeeper, explorer, and much more! I’m a sophomore at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, but I am currently studying… Continue Reading →

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