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Sophie's ComAlt Field Study- Spring Quarter 2017


Sophie Tuchel

What’s Next?

A big topic of conversation with Darby has been pathways to licensure. Accreditation is changing within the next few years, and in order to sit for the NARM (National Association of Registered Midwives) exam, you will have to got to… Continue Reading →

Spring Quarter Final Presentation

Click below to view my final powerpoint presentation for Birth Assistance and Kauai Terroir, Spring 2017 Final Presentation  Below each slide are notes detailing what is outlined briefly above

Mermaid Midwife Apprenticeship Program Outline

Mermaid Midwife Apprenticeship Program Outline Kealakekua, HI   Read more about my mentor and Evergreen alum Darby Partner CPM and Hawaii Holistic Midwifery   Course Outline- Holistic Prenatal Care- this included conducting prenatal visits, intake and informed consent, palpation of the… Continue Reading →

Wildroot Birth Services

To learn more about my doula business or to keep up with what I’ll be doing over the next few months, check out my website and blog at **Note- I am still working on making this accessible via phone…. Continue Reading →

Cream Apples, Mountain Apples, Apple Bananas, Oh My!

With such diverse shapes, colors, and flavors, the fruits of Kauai are an avant-garde chef’s dream. Get a taste of Kauai Terroir below- the password is ‘terroir’

Community Doula/Preconception Course Outline

Below is an outline of my last few weeks in the Community Doula/ Preconception Course at the Sacred Birthing School. You can find an outline of my first weeks of the program here.   The Energy Workshop The energy workshop… Continue Reading →


Answers to your questions about doulas What is a doula? A doula is someone who provides unconditional assistance and support to a person during major life transitions and events- primarily during the childbearing year. There are also abortion doulas, death… Continue Reading →

Must-See Coffee Cafes in East Kauai

These cafes provide a pathway to the taste of kauai through coffee and food alike. Check out my Instagram @wildrootdoula for photo-bios of these places, soon to be featured in a mini-documentary on Kauai Terroir! Name of Cafe Address Resourceful… Continue Reading →

Coffee and Philosophy

A revised perspective on coffee and philosophy inspired by the 2015-16 Evergreen program, Terroir: Chocolate, Oysters, and Other Place Flavored Foods. The majority of our modern day experience with coffee is the on-the-go cup of joe. But when you have… Continue Reading →

Project Introduction

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. I’m Sophie, a student, nanny, surfer, writer, thinker, gardener, beekeeper, explorer, and much more! I’m a sophomore at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, but I am currently studying… Continue Reading →

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