Culture Shock!

In contemporary times lamps are utilized for lighting or creating a mood. This project will deepen that conception to enact the metaphor of “shedding light” as it applies to sociocultural inquiry. This project “Culture Shock!” involves constructing small scale replicas of buildings from several different cultures with illuminated cut out the windows or doors. This invites the viewers to look at the inner workings of the house by adhering projection slides of objects, people, and cultural activities or rituals that are practiced inside of this domestic space. Furthermore, these structures will remain working light fixtures so in turn the inner workings of the house are visible. This project lends itself to learning about the domestic space of many different cultures as to facilitate the application of 3-D materials. The representation of the essence of various cultures is eluded to by not only replicating the buildings but also by learning about the rituals that are practiced in the home and the tools that show cultural significance. Culture Shock offers an immersion into the concept of domestic space. This finished project is a challenge to use different types of material to create authentic cultural aesthetic.

The first replica that I will create represents American Culture, and attempts to draw the attention of the viewer to the critical representation of my culture through my own perspective. This is reflective of the American nature of abundance.

This model will be an apartment complex, which is a large portion of domestic space in cities in the U.S. Therefore, I will also touch on the fact that despite the fact that we accumulate things, the economy is in a downfall and the cost of living is up. This means that we’ve in turn become victims of our own success…


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  1. Kitty Center

    Hi Day,
    I am looking forward to seeing your work. The idea of representing aspects of culture and domestic space via lamps is intriguing.


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