writing assignment

as we discussed on monday, please consider and address this question, with special reference to chapters 2 & 3:

How are the larger conditions of early city living reflected in the migration narratives discussed in the  book? give specific examples that point to living conditions, work, leisure, love, family, negotiating race relations – whatever issues are of particular interest to you. prepare your drafts for review by others students in your writing community

– first draft due – in class this Friday jan 18
– final draft due – in class next friday jan 25

here are a couple of very brief resources to look at:

short essay on african-american migration out of the south in the 1910s
– video excerpt from “up south” documentary

this entire video is available for us on the open reserve shelf. it is in vhs format but still watchable with vhs equipment in the sound and image library on the library third floor.

also – don’t forget – we’ll discuss the first two chapters of NonVoilent Communciation on Friday, too.


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