spring quarter in-program internships

students who wish to stay in difference and desire for spring quarter have two main choices:

  • plan and complete an in-program internship
  • write a 25 page formal academic research paper.

students who choose the internship assignment must earn eligibility for participation. assessment of student eligibility will be at the sole discretion of faculty.

specific assessment criteria include but are not limited to: timely completion of work, classroom attendance record, and participation in — and attitude within — program activities.

only students who have demonstrated sufficient academic achievement, self-direction, and commitment to the learning community will be eligible.

students assessed for any reason to be ineligible for the internship assignment will complete a formal, twenty-five page college research paper as an alternative assignment. the required topic will be the history and contemporary role of community based service in higher education.

default program enrollment will be for 16 credits; a variable 12-credit option will be open for negotiation. internship credit equivalencies will reflect the subject area(s) of student readings and experience as an intern.

award of internship credits will require full and conscientious completion of all internship commitments, as well as timely and complete supporting documentation to this effect from field supervisors.

additional conditions for award of internship and academic credits are outlined in the covenant.


internship planning schedule

winter Wk 7

Friday (02-22) – Submit first, second, third choices for placement. Describe interest and what you see as your involvement.

winter Wk 8

Monday (02-25) – notification of internship eligibility/ineligibility.

Friday (Mar 01) – at least two interviews scheduled; Submit prepared questions, resume, talking points for each.

winter Wk 9

Friday (03-08) – Interview(s) completed; in-program internship contract drafted.

winter Wk 10

Monday (03-11) – Notification for any contract revisions and/or final internship approval/disapproval.

Thursday (03-14) – Internship form completed; all signatures collected. Work schedule in place.


internship option a*

4 credits – internship – 10 hours per week at internship location
4 credits – review paper on internship professional literature
4 credits – case log and book review re internship experience
4 credits – current readings in race, gender and family structure

internship option b

8 credits – internship – 20 hours per week at internship location(s)
4 credits – case log and book review re internship experience
4 credits – current readings in race, gender and family structure

research paper alternative*

4 credits – academic research methods
4 credits – college writing
4 credits – historiography
4 credits – current readings in race, gender and family structure

*alternative arrangements to continue photo will be open to negotiation


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