About: SURF 2015

Project Description: Building on research done by students since 2014, our team will finish site studies, work with Evergreen offices, and write a proposal to Bonneville Energy Foundation for solar PV and solar thermal installations on most large roofs on campus. These could meet about half of our outstanding electricity needs on campus.
Student Requirements (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Coursework, etc.): Students with science skills, organizational and analytic skills, and excellent writing skills can all contribute to aspects of our project. Knowledge and interest in solar energy will motivate all team members. Analysis or installation of solar systems will be particularly useful to our effort.
Responsibilities of Fellows and Knowledge to Be Gained: Students can learn and apply theory and practice of solar energy physics; use simple and powerful professional quality diagnostics to measure solar power availability; analyze data and synthesize evidence; research grant requirements and help write sections of a grant proposal; research data available and process requirements from Evergreen offices; and work with a team to significantly reduce carbon emissions on campus.

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